Posted May 18, 2013

Eagles experimenting with offensive players on defense during practice

(Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

The Eagles’ Jason Avant has strictly played receiver during his seven seasons with the team, but has begun taking snaps at defensive back. (Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

Chip Kelly’s latest experiment involves two Eagles offensive players trying their hand at defense.

Eighth-year wide receiver Jason Avant and fourth-year tight end Clay Harbor have been taking additional practice reps at defensive back and linebacker, respectively, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Zach Berman.

Neither player is making a full-time transition. Instead, both are attempting to add versatility, a Kelly staple, in order to increase their chances of making the roster.

Harbor, who has just 47 receptions in three seasons, appears to be on the fringe after the team signed free-agent tight end James Casey and drafted Stanford’s Zach Ertz in the second round.

Avant, on the other hand, has been a veteran fixture in the slot for Philadelphia over the past several seasons. He was the team’s fourth-leading receiver last year with 648 yards on a career-high 53 receptions.

During his first round of offseason workouts, Kelly has already infused the team with a music playlist during practices and a healthier cafeteria menu.

Big Daddy1
Big Daddy1

I like this guy Chip Kelly, he seems to be living in 2013 unlike the Giants Tom Coughlin. As for Vick, as long as he wants to run he will get injured, as long as he gets injured they will lose. This is probably Vick's last year. Never liked Vick as a QB in the NFL. As for a person, I don't know the guy but I know what he did. Those things where horrible, inhuman and I ask if he had the ability to do that what was next? In the right situation could he have done that to other people? It's possible even probable, when you're involved with that kind of illegal activity the people you associate with are criminals. Eventually you cannot separate yourself from those people, in the right situation I could see him involved with someone's death. Has he changed? I don't care as long a he keeps clean he's good to go, if not lock him up and throw away the key as with any other habitual criminal. As for what Kelly is doing, I hope he has success as long as it's not against the Giants. He has to prove that his methods are sound, I think they are.

larrybradford 1 Like

As long as Vick is on the team, count me out. Philly screwed themselves big time when they brought this ghetto thug in. Bad move to say the least....


 @larrybradford say that to someones face..C what happens.......


 @EmotionallDeLosSantos  @larrybradford

 To someone's face,?? Are you joking or nuts ?? Don't you know that these places are the cowardly racists dream. Here they can vent their racist chants without having to face the objects of their hate. Bunch of Itches and cowards.

Big Daddy1
Big Daddy1

 @phillyroni  @EmotionallDeLosSantos  @larrybradford

I would say it to his face, but why bother, he knows what he did. I agree Philly made a huge mistake signing him. Not because he's a ghetto thug,, which he is, but because as Chip Kelly found out he didn't know how to hold a football correctly so it would limit his fumbles. That says to me he's uncoachable. All these years in the NFL and nobody tried to show him the proper way to hold the football, it sounds more like Vick wasn't listening. This time he knows that if he doesn't do what Kelly wants from jump he's history. And since when is calling someone a ghetto thug racist? His activity was associated with what is done in ghettos not wall street and he was a thug. Is he still one? Or is he normal and just not wanting to go back to prison?