Posted May 17, 2013

New Bills GM open to starting EJ Manuel in Week 1

New Bills GM Doug Whaley said he is open to starting rookie EJ Manuel in Week 1. (Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

New Bills GM Doug Whaley said he is open to starting rookie EJ Manuel in Week 1. (Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

New Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley has a lot to do just a couple of days into his new job.

First on the list is finding a starting quarterback after the team released Ryan Fitzpatrick in March.  The team drafted quarterback EJ Manuel with the 16th pick of the first round of last month’s draft and he is expected to compete for the starting job.

The team already has veterans Kevin Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson on the roster, both acquired in the offseason. The Bills finished 6-10 last season and have not made the playoffs since 1999.

Whaley said he is open to the possibility of Manuel starting the Week 1 contest against the New England Patriots.

“Time will tell,” Whaley said, via . ”He does have the work ethic and the leadership qualities that he’ll have a chance. But we believe competition brings out the best in everybody. Between him, Kevin Kolb, Tarvaris Jackson, even Jeff Tuel, we’re excited to see who comes out on top of that position battle.”

Whaley said he was part of the decision to draft Manuel.

“We have a philosophy that the information makes the decision,” Whaley added. “We think that we did enough due diligence and the information pointed us all to this point that EJ would be the guy we feel will take the Buffalo Bills into the future.”

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Bills open to starting Manuel in week one?  Well duh, the days of drafting a QB in the first round and definitively stating that he won't play as a rookie outside of injuries ahead of him are over for the most part.  I like Florida St. and am pulling for Manuel from that perspective, but I watched him play way too much inconsistent football, often against mediocre opposition, to buy into the idea that he'll ultimately be successful over the long run in the NFL and justify what is clearly a large gamble on the part of the Bills.  Time will tell as it always does.  Very interesting given their background that Doug Marrone basically has to spend the duration of Ryan Nassib's career hoping and praying that he never develops into a great NFL QB or at least not into one who's proficient and clearly better than Manuel.  Yeah, he'd never admit that publicly, but there it is.


Just because, isn't the only thing deciding ej manuel as the 1st game starter. Time, in all ares of that time. Play/start him when fully satisfied he is ready! He has all the ingredients to be a career best quarterback. Again, time, no need to rush him, be patient. The absolute worst thing Bill's Coach Marrone can do is screw his head up by starting ej before he's ready. This looks like a very good year for my Buffalo Bills! playoff's, maybe. get there and who know's, maybe that screwy dame, name of lady luck will actually find it within her nasty butt and pass the torch to my Buffalo Bills!!  GO BILLS!!