Posted May 14, 2013

Sixers GM: Andrew Bynum just another free agent


New Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie said at a press conference Tuesday that re-signing center Andrew Bynum is not a top priority and that he is “just another free agent.”

Bynum did not play this season after having trouble with his knees after being traded from the Los Angeles Lakers in four-team deal to Philadelphia in August. The Sixers proceeded to go 34-48 without him after starting the season as a possible top contender in the Eastern Conference.

“I think of Andrew like the thousands of other young men that are walking around the world that are unrestricted free agents, that have potential to play NBA basketball, and he is one of those,” Hinkie said, via Comcast SportsNet Philly “Superstar players matter in this league. This is a hard league, everybody is trying to get the same thing,” Hinkie said. “There are no silver bullets, where you do one thing and it makes everything easy overnight.”


Translation: backup the dump truck full of cash and put it back in the bank.  This bum's not worth it.


It amazes me how much money a player can cash in on based on "potential" alone. Like Oden, Bynum's chances must come to an end.


No he is not just another free agent.  He is the free agent who leads the NBA in laziness.  He could not care less if he plays or not, he just wants a contract.  Nothing more, and btw, don't bother him while he "rehabs".  

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Upon signing Andrew Bynum last year, all we heard from sportswriters were glowing comments of what a coup this was and how competitive the Sixer's would be.  I couldn't find even one article putting this acquisition into a fair and honest appraisal.  It seemed like only fans close to the game in LA knew different.       



 Sadly you are correct, he had one year where he was not injured and he would sit far away from the coach and players as the coach would diagram a play and he waited to have off season surgery one year so he could go to Europe and watch the world cup.


Had he had the surgery when the season was over he would have been ready the following year. Instead he missed half the season.


NBA teams pay these players big time salaries there should be no issue as for staying in shape and in Bynums case go under the knife and be ready for the next season.


Bynum has been a player that the Lakers and 76ers indulged because he comes with so much potential that he looks like he can take a team to the next level.

The Lakers had lots of issues last year, had Bynum stayed with the lakers it would have made a bad season even worse


Most likely he has the potential to be the best center in the NBA. In baseball they refer to a big time pitching prospect who has all the tools but cannot get himself together, a million dollar arm and a two cent brain.


Hopefully no team is going to drink the Andrew Bynum Kool-Aid and limit him to a one year league minimum until he can prove  he  deserves a longer contract.

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Think of him as "just another free agent" all you want Sammy Boy, your organization still looks exceedingly stupid for believing that oft-injured, immature and dimwitted clod could be the focal point to Sixers success moving forward.


 @opaque It was a craps throw which came up snake eyes.  *Shrug*  GO BIG and all that.