Posted May 13, 2013

Tyson Chandler criticizes Knicks offense

Tyson Chandler criticized the Knicks' offense for playing as individuals, not as a team. (Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images)

Tyson Chandler criticized the Knicks’ offense for playing as individuals, not as a team. (Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images)

Tyson Chandler took a few jabs at the Knicks’ offense on Sunday, saying that players are being too selfish and trying trying to win games individually. He didn’t use any names, but Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith are the Knicks’ primary shooters. From Newsday’s report:

“I watched the tape myself and there’s open looks,” Chandler said after practice Sunday. “We have to be willing passers. You have to sacrifice yourself sometimes for the betterment of the team, for the betterment of your teammates. So when you drive in the paint, you draw, you kick it. We need to do a better job of allowing the game to dictate who takes the shots and not the individuals.

“I’m not saying that anybody is doing it maliciously. I think it’s moreso a situation, you want to take over the game or you want to make a big shot, where you have to just stick to the game plan. Good teams win basketball games. Unless you’re a great, great, great individual, and we’ve only had a few of those come through.”

The Knicks are currently down 2-1 in the second round series against the Pacers. While Chandler thinks there’s too much individual offense, Mike Woodson said he wants to see Anthony take more shots, not fewer.  From Newsday’s report:

“I’m not OK with him taking three shots,” the coach said. “He’s got to take more shots. Not just him … I don’t want it to be a one-man show. We have enough guys on this team that can score the ball. We’ve proven that this year, so that’s what we got to get back to.”

The Knicks set an NBA record with 891 three-pointers during the season. But in Game 3, they went just 3-for-11 from deep.