Posted May 13, 2013

Tennessee fires head of student judicial affairs amid probe over athlete relationships


The University of Tennessee fired its head of student judicial affairs amid a probe over relationships with the school’s athletes, reports the Knoxville News Sentinel.

The school fired Jenny Wright, who has been at Tennessee since 2001, and says she refused to cooperate in an investigation about whether she had inappropriate relationships with student-athletes. No athletes names were given in the report.

She attempted to quit Thursday in lieu of cooperating with the school’s investigation, but the school’s general counsel refused to accept it. School officials instead sent Wright a termination letter Friday.

Wright’s job description includes making sure that disciplinary policies set forth in the student handbook are observed and that student rights are protected.

More from the News Sentinel:

The university’s investigation is ongoing. Officials declined to release any documents related to the probe, and it’s unclear which athletes might be involved.

In her resignation letter, Wright said she had been at UT as a student worker, graduate assistant and professional staff member. She was paid $70,000 in her position. She had been with the office since 2008, according to the university.


Male administrators shouldn't engage in intimate relationships with students either, but women especially NEVER get away with this kind of thing for very long and the stupid skank should have had the wherewithal to realize as much.  Pretty sad to forever smear your career because you can't keep your panties on around certain athletes who likely couldn't care less that you exist.