Posted May 08, 2013

Umpire Angel Hernandez blows game-tying HR call in Indians-A’s game


Down 4-3 to the Indians in the ninth inning, Oakland shortstop Adam Rosales hit what he thought was a game-tying home run off Cleveland closer Chris Perez. But second base umpire, and crew chief, Angel Hernandez ruled the hit—which struck a railing behind the wall in left field before bouncing back onto the field—a double.

The video replay seemed to show it was indeed a homer, but when Hernandez reviewed the play, he upheld his original ruling, to the shock of Rosales, A’s manager Bob Melvin (who was thrown out of the game for arguing the call), and the media.

Though Oakland put the next two batters on to load the bases, Seth Smith grounded out to end the game. After the game, Hernandez took questions from reporters on his controversial call.


@rfazzalore... ok... so if the ball hits the left field seats and bounces back onto the field, it's not a homerun? C'mon man! Your name's Hernandez... righ?


What are the ground rules for this park?  Is the yellow line the marker?  Furthermore, if the ball doesn't go out of the park it is NOT a home run.  If you have to argue centimeters, you didn't hit the ball hard enough.  Baseball is a game of NO INSTANT REPLAY.  And there shouldn't be one now.  Whiny people...

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Angel Hernandez, time to take some extension classes and become a mailman.  You're not capable of being an umpire.  You're terrible.  

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This is another reason why Hernandez is known as one of the worst umps baseball.