Posted May 05, 2013

Report: Derrick Rose will not return for Chicago Bulls’ playoff run

(Dan Lippitt/Getty Images)

Bulls point guard Derrick Rose made up his mind earlier in the season that he would not return until next year, according to a report. (Dan Lippitt/Getty Images)

Despite Derrick Rose’s statement that his return is “still up in the air,” the Chicago Bulls point guard has already decided to sit out for the entire season and will not change his mind, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski.

Rose’s teammates have already accepted privately that the former MVP won’t return from his torn ACL, which he suffered during last year’s playoffs, and his plan all along has been to come back for next season’s training camp, according to the report.

Rose has been cleared to play since mid-February, but has remained ambiguous about when he would be ready to play over the past two months.

From the report:

Who knows? Derrick Rose knows. His choice has been made to sit out the season and it includes no provisions for turning back, sources with direct knowledge told Yahoo! Sports.

Rose isn’t creating false hope with coach Tom Thibodeau, nor the rest of his teammates. They’ve never sat around waiting on him this season, and none of them privately believe that he’ll be back before next season. Nevertheless, Chicago fans have started to become more critical of Rose because they hear him publicly say a return is possible and they’re holding on to hope.

Rose has believed all along that he should sit out an entire year and come back “freer of doubt” and with “lessened risk of re-injury,” the report states.

After winning Game 7 in Brooklyn on Saturday, the Bulls begin their second-round series against the Miami Heat on Monday.

Starters Luol Deng (flu-like symptoms) and Kirk Hinrich (bruised calf) also sat out due to health problems during the first round, while Joakim Noah (plantar fasciitis) and Nate Robinson (flu) played through their ailments.



I am sick of Derrick Rose.........either play or sit it out but stop looking for headines by all this maybe stuff........just like Lebron, headlines are all he is interested in...........


a) Mr Rose did not want LeBron to come to Chi Town and he made sure that did not happen

b) Mr Rose does not like living in Chi Town. They don't know how to treat "Stars" like in L.A.

c) Mr Rose cried like a baby when LeBron defended him last year. "It's unfair to have anyone over 6 feet guard me"

d) His MVP was bogus. He shooting percentage is crap.


He was medically cleared MONTHS ago. Do NOT be fooled by his quiet nature. His actions speak Diva. I would not be surprised if this is a move to get Tibs fired for playing players too much and creating a team that garnishes physical play backlash. Rose can not hold up in this system.  He may have come back if he believed he'd be used in a limited role.


Passive-Aggressive-Rose....Beware of this guy.


It's a knee!  It's not an ankle, not a foot, not an elbow, not a's a knee.  We're talkin bout his knee!  I guess most fans have no clue about human anatomy or about the history of full 100% recovery from a torn ACL.  "Yeah but Adrian Peterson came back from the same thing in a much more physical sport" is a true statement but it is also fact that there have been people to survive going over Niagra Falls in nothing but a barrel...extremely rare but true.


I respect Joakim Noah for taking the company line and saying he doesn't resent Rose's absence this season but I'm not sure I believe him.  I'd sure like to hear what they're saying behind closed doors because they need him now more than ever, with all of their injuries, and yet he continues to sit on the bench, even though he has been medically cleared to play since mid-February.  Obviously,  this is a psychological situation and while I really don't care who wins the title, it would be interesting to see the fallout if the Bulls' did win it without Rose.  Rose has put himself between a rock and a hard place because if he comes back now, people are going to wonder why he didn't do it earlier.  And if he doesn't come back now, people are going to continue to wonder why when he's been medically cleared to play for the last two and a half months.  I'd like to think that I would be saying the same things Noah is saying if I were on that team but I just don't see how it's possible not to be a little bit resentful that your "star" is still on the bench this late in the season, with everyone hurting and everything on the line.  I certainly think the Bulls will be back in the playoffs for years to come but deep playoff runs like this one don't come around all that often.


I agree but like i said they are not supposed to beat ("miami" ) either way so who cares.

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How much money is this guy receiving for refusing to work?  It's been over a year now, and the doctors cleared him to play two months ago.  He needs to get his butt on the court, file his retirement papers, or give that money back.


either way miami is supposed so who cares.


Wow, the masses are dumb. This was a lot of mismanaged PR by the Bulls. If you really think Derrick Rose doesn't want to play, go back to listening to Colin Cowherd and trying to call in to make a dumb point. Yikes.

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It is hard to think of any other professional athletes, in any sport, who have sat out for weeks upon weeks after receiving medical clearance to play.

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he is gutless.

In the words of philosopher Lawrence Tero



Remember Andrew Toney of the 76ers, received a huge contract and never played another game; his name is Derrick Rose.

Bob Y
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I have no problem with him waiting until next year as long as he doesn't cash a paycheck after the date he is cleared to play.  


 @Bob Y


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Then DR needs to stop issuing "still up in the air" statements. He's left his team hung out to dry by continuing to say things like that along with going full speed in team practices the past 2 months. They've seen him go hard at practice for quite a while now and there is no doubt his teammates, no matter what they say publicly, have to be ticked off. He can play, he just won't play. And DR himself keeps saying his return is up in the air this year. He needs to shut his pie-hole about maybe returning and/or he himself needs to end this by saying he is not returning no matter what. He's a wuss though and in hindsight was not deserving of being a league MVP. He's been stringing his teammates along with this maybe I'll return garbage while, if you're correct with your sources, has actually been a bold-faced lie. DR had no intention of returning all along, he's just saying maybe he will, what, just for the attention? Just for the heck of it? You don't pull that crap with teammates. Ever.

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For the love of whatever, trade this kid away. He is scared to play now.


 @Mike72 LOL - never sell for pennies on the dollar. Which is pretty much what they'd have to do. The Bulls (and perhaps Rose) have handled this poorly. The Bulls should have issued a definitive statement months ago categorically saying he would not return until next season - then all this nonsense would have gone away.


Now unless Rose has been telling the Bulls maybe I'll be back and then waffling at a later stage the fault lies with the Bulls.