Posted April 29, 2013

Jeremy Lin a game-time decision for Game 4


Rockets guard Jeremy Lin did not participate in Monday’s shootaround, and is still considered a game-time decision for Game 4 against the Thunder. He was a game-time decision for Game 3 with the same chest injury.

Lin tapped out after just 18 minutes during Game 3, and could sit out Game 4 if his chest pain isn’t any better. Lin only said he felt “a little better,” after bothering his already-bruised chest in Game 3 against the Thunder.

He tallied only 2 points, one assist and one turnover during his 18 minutes on Saturday’s 104-101 loss. If his chest injury is the cause for his performance, it would make sense for him to sit for a game and recover.

The Thunder are up 3-0 in the series, despite losing Russell Westbrook. The Rockets need their starters to be healthy and ready to play if they want to avoid a sweep.

If Lin doesn’t play,  Patrick Beverley would take over as the starter.


i dont know, Lin scored 17 and 7 in April. His numbers have increased every month in Houston. When Harden was out Lin put up BIG, ELITE numbers...


I think he'd better sit this one out. No use getting injured again for a lost cause. Let's hope his career doesn't end up like another Tebow.



The only thing Tebow and Lin has in common is their unapologetic expression of faith. That's all.

There are many NBA plays shares Lin's views. However, Lin is still a highly valued commodity unlike Tim Tebow.  Lin can play in NBA not as elite but more than solid PG as he continues to improve.

Tim Tebow is a product of series of unfortunate events.

Wish him will, maybe in Canadian Football League.