Posted April 26, 2013

Report: Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria forces lineup change

Jeffrey Loria has been criticized by Marlins fans, players and the media following his fire sale last season. (Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Jeffrey Loria reportedly had his previous attempts to meddle with the Marlins lineups ignored by former manager Ozzie Guillen. (Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has alienated the team’s fans and the city’s politicians after following last season’s new stadium opening with a firesale of players. On Tuesday, Loria reportedly gave his players and manager reason to join critics after meddling in the Marlins’ starting lineup.

Loria personally called for rookie manager Mike Redmond to flip-flop starting pitchers Jose Fernandez and Ricky Nolasco in Tuesday’s doubleheaders against the Twins at Target Field, according to a Yahoo! Sports report. The move left Marlins players furious, according to three sources:

“He was embarrassed,” one source said of Redmond, who nonetheless claimed publicly the decision was an organizational choice. “He tried to fight it. He had nothing to do with it.”

This is not the first time Loria has tried to tinker with his team’s on-field product. Loria, one source said, also made lineup suggestions to Ozzie Guillen, the team’s previous manager. Guillen ignored them.

Loria reportedly wanted 20-year-old rookie pitcher Fernandez to pitch in the first half of the doubleheader when the temperature was expected to be warmer at Target Field. Veteran pitchers are often given their choice of which game they’d like to pitch in doubleheaders, and Nolasco had picked the day game. Temperatures ended up measuring 42 degrees at the first pitch of Nolasco’s start and 38 degrees for Fernandez’s night outing.

The Marlins own baseball’s worst record (5-17) and attendance has dropped dramatically after Loria traded off more than $100 million in players and payroll last summer halfway through the team’s first season in Marlins Park.

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Loria??? What are you doing??? Is this a write-off to save the rest of your >empire?? Invest in armored cars...

halconblanco 1 Like

Tge best wat ti fight Loria is: Stop going to the games! Make him pay the players from his own pockets, not the fan's pockets!


D bag......nice pic by the way...

WilyCoyoteSuperGenius 1 Like

How long is Selig going to let this travesty continue? Until the Marlins are playing in front of a hundred people? It is unfair to teams in other divisions that the teams in the East get to play this team 18 times. That could skew the wildcard standings. The City of Miami should sue Loria for breach of contract - he was supposed to provide a major league team, not AA.


 @WilyCoyoteSuperGenius It's slowly becoming the norm. Teams in the AL West will get to play the Double-A Astros more times than everyone else.

Joe R2
Joe R2 3 Like

Worst owner in sports, hands down.  Miami deserves him

hoosier0409 1 Like

this owner has to go!!   I know, I's his money n all, but he is undermining the integrity of the game....commish needs to get involved, n like he did with the Dodgers, he needs to have MLB take control of the team.   period.

BryanCustard1 1 Like

 @hoosier0409 I was gonna say, they forced McCourt out, at a profit of about $1 BILLion to that a$$ clown, they can do the same to Loria. Hopefully without the profit this time.

BlackSession1 1 Like

 @BryanCustard1  @hoosier0409 Well, McCourt couldn't even afford to pay his players, so MLB had to get involved. As long as something like that doesn't happen, I don't think they can step in to remove him. Jerry Jones has done the same thing, too.


All that said, Loria is still a terrible, terrible owner and I honestly hope he gets bored and throws in the towel.