Posted April 18, 2013

Soccer coach fired after purchasing Jagermeister on players credit card


Jozo Gaspar was relieved of his duties as coach of Croatia’s first league soccer team NK Precko Zagreb for allegedly stealing a credit card belonging to one of his players and going on a shopping spree at a liquor store.

According to Ryan Bailey of Yahoo! Sports, citing a report from soccer blog, Gaspar, 40, snuck into the dressing room occupied by FC Sparta Elektra, who were sharing facilities in Zagreb with NK Zagreb Precko, stole a player’s credit card and proceeded to a liquor store where he purchased 36 one liter bottles of Jagermeister, totaling approximately $680 (U.S. dollars).

Gaspar, a former soccer star with Dinamo Zagreb in the late 1980s and early 90s, was caught when he tried to buy even more liquor at a second store but the credit card was declined because it had exceeded its limit. Security noticed him at that point on the store’s surveillance footage and Gaspar was taken into custody.


The question that needs to be answered is why he was buying that gasoline instead of something good. : D