Posted April 04, 2013

UPDATE: Penguins GM reports no signs of concussion symptoms for Sidney Crosby


[Update: 6:09 p.m. EDT]

Penguins general manager Ray Shero refuted an earlier report of Sidney Crosby’s injury status. Shero said while Crosby is still recovering from a broken jaw, he is not experiencing concussion symptoms.

[Original story: 4:09 p.m. EDT]

NHL superstar Sidney Crosby is likely out for the season with concussion symptoms according to a tweet from Howard Eskin of FOX 29 and 94 WIP Radio.

The league’s leading scorer and most valuable player favorite was listed as out of the Penguins lineup indefinitely on Monday two days after having his jaw broken by a puck against the Islanders.



Contrary to rumors that are out there, Sidney Crosby does not have any concussion symptoms, his agent Pat Brisson says. Ray Shero says same


Rob Rossi ‏@RobRossi_Trib10m

#TribHKY >> Sidney Crosby does not have a concussion. Period. HE would know. HE says he doesn't, as do his docs, family, friends. #pens


(official Pens News twitter) Pens Inside Scoop ‏@PensInsideScoop39m

No concussion -SK “@CanadianEh19: some philly reporter said sid has concussion symptoms so can you clear it up? #please” 



Not that there was any doubt, but agent Pat Brisson just confirmed in strong terms, no concussion worries for Sidney Crosby. #Penguins



Sid does not have concussion symptoms. Can't make it more clear than that.



Nice research SI. 



I checked and the two reliable sources for my hockey informationa nd there is nothing about this on there.


Well, I'm about ready to remove SI from my favorites...


Anything for a click, eh ESPN? This report has already come out as false but "Hell, let's post it without actually checking it's legitimacy!"

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 @UlrichDesign Says the guy on . . .


My mistake. Glad it's Sports Illustrated and not ESPN then. SI has a long standing tradition of not know what the hell is going on in hockey.

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Josh Yohe ‏@JoshYohe_Trib

Sid does not have concussion symptoms. Can't make it more clear than that.


I'm sure Yohe (Penguins beat writer) and the rest of the Pittsburgh sports media are completely in the dark about this, yet a loudmouth Philadelphia radio host has the scoop.


Jesus Christ, SI, this is just embarrassing.

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No one else is reporting this. Not Penguins beat writers, not anyone. Does SI just post "news" when someone tweets it without any verification? This is terrible.


man between bergeron and crosby neither one of these guys can seem to catch a break, and this is what I was afraid of when they said there were no concussion symptoms, and now you wonder if the next concussion will end his career