Posted April 05, 2013

Chris Bosh has roughly $470K of goods stolen from South Beach home

Chris Bosh had $470K in accessories stolen from his South Beach home. (Aaron Davidson/Getty Images)

Chris Bosh had $470K in accessories stolen from his South Beach home. (Aaron Davidson/Getty Images)

Chris Bosh returned home late Wednesday night to find out that hundreds of thousands of dollars in accessories had been stolen from his South Beach residence while he was out in Miami celebrating his 29th birthday with his wife.

According to a report Thursday from NBC Miami, approximately $470,000 worth of goods, from watches and jewelry to purses and cash, had been stolen from his home while he was out on the town. Miami Beach Police received a phone call made from the residence at about 12:30 a.m. Thursday morning saying that their closet had been “ransacked,” according to the report. The Miami Heat forward and his wife had left their two children with two housekeepers while they were out, and no one home reported hearing anything.

Strangely enough, among all of the items that were stolen, Bosh’s 2011-12 NBA championship ring was spared.

According to the NBC Miami report, police said they think it might be an “inside job” and they are checking surveillance video and looking to see if any contractors hired to work on the house had access to the residence or the property:

Bosh’s Championship ring was spared, but they took what they wanted from jewelry box, including watches and rings, police said. Bosh’s wife said purses totaling about $155,000 were taken, along with $15,000 cash and 12 watches worth $300,000.

“We are leaning on the side of this being an inside job,” said Miami Beach Police spokesman Bobby Hernandez.


I think you missed the point TedBuras while you were searching for racial undertones. How many rich athletes do you know that stay rich after they retire. He was pointing out that not because he is black, but another athlete that spends on stupid stuff and leaves it lying out to be stolen, while he was throwing himself a lavish birthday party like many athletes and rappers do. It not the race, but the behavior! I am sick of everyone turning everything into race! Get over yourself!

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What a ridiculous, and probably racially charged, comment by Dan Mckelvey.  Not sure if you know, but "this moron" was an elite high school scholar (National Honor Society) and pre-engineering student at Georgia Tech before declaring for the NBA after his freshman year.  He had early plans on being a web designer before his basketball talents blossomed.  He's also married with a young son, and by all accounts, is a stand-up guy with his own foundation that he's heavily involved in that encourages kids to read.  They're not all thugs, McKelvey.  I'm sure Bill Gates has $340,000 worth of stuff in his house, too, by the way...regardless of his Timex!


Why would you have that much in bling laying around the house? Bill Gates owns a Timex and this moron has 342K in crap laying around...He will be broke by 35....