Posted April 03, 2013

Atlanta Falcons sign Brian Banks, former football star exonerated of rape


The Atlanta Falcons have signed Brian Banks, a one-time high school football star who served five years in prison and five years on probation for a rape he didn’t commit, reports FOX’s Jay Glazer.

At age 16, Banks was a top-tier recruit who had been offered a scholarship to USC. Then, a classmate accused him of rape. As ESPN’s Rick Reilly reported in May 2012, Banks pleaded guilty at the urging of his lawyer and served 62 months in prison.

But then, out of nowhere, the classmate contacted Banks on Facebook, which ultimately led to a meeting where she admitted he was innocent. A judge threw out his conviction.

(See more about Banks’ story on this clip from 60 Minutes).

Reilly reported shortly after his release that Banks had offers to try out for the Dolphins, Seahawks, Chiefs and Redskins. He was invited back for Seattle’s minicamp but didn’t stick with the team. He ended up signing with the UFL’s Las Vegas Locos in September.

But now he has a shot with Atlanta.


Thank you, Brian. I appreciate such a comprehensive answer.

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 Her name is Wanetta Gibson. You can google search her.


This is a very chilling story. Watch ; He was given 10 minutes to decide. He was basically forced to say he was guilty. Can't fathom this, but sucks big time. I wish you the very best,  Brian.


Congrats to him.  It'd be great if he could make the team, even if it's just as a special-teamer.


I would like to know what happened to his accuser. Anybody know?

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Awesome story of him getting a shot.  Hopefully he'll make this team or another.  He'd probably make a solid addition to the locker room, because he sounds like a solid person, not just a football player.  At the very least, hopefully he'll land a book deal.


What's not awesome?  The false accuser.  She should be charged.  There's going to be a special place in hell for her.  That place will be right next to someone super annoying, like Gilbert Godfrey if that's where he ends up.  Or Honey Boo Boo and Honey Boo Boo's mom.  And most of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.  Actually, most of MTV.


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The girl's mother was behind it all - for money of course.  On top of it, they settled with the school district, and promptly spent all the money.


 @pcwhite2 Yikes.  Didn't know that part of the story.  Thanks for the deets.  I guess the girl can be in general population in hell and her mom can have the special spot.