Posted March 23, 2013

Browns RB Trent Richardson named in civil lawsuit

The Browns expect rookie RB Trent Richardson back soon. (Jason Miller/Getty Images)

The Browns expect rookie RB Trent Richardson back soon. (Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson was named in a civil lawsuit with four others by two women alleging they were verbally and physically assaulted at Richardson’s home last year, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. 

The other defendants in the lawsuit includes Richardson’s brother, his girlfriend and two others.

The lawsuit claims that the incident began on Dec. 9, 2012, at Rumors night club following a Browns victory and continued into the early hours of Dec. 10 when the defendants invited Krystal Jones of Maple Heights and Kathleen Hunter of Cleveland to Trent Richardson’s home in Columbia Station, according to the complaint.

Trent Richardson asked the two women to leave, but as they were leaving, Christman said Richardson became enraged, cursing the two women for “slamming a door” and “disrespecting his house,” according to the complaint.

The complaint accuses Richardson of slamming his fist onto the hood of one of the women’s vehicle, denting the hood and causing $1,500 in damage.

Team spokesman Neal Gulkis said the team is “aware of the situation, but will not comment at this time.”

Richardson was selected third overall by the team in the 2012 NFL Draft and rushed for 950 yards and 11 touchdowns in his rookie season.


just pay the chicks a few thousand in walking around money--that all they want


They "disrespected his house," i say he's got every right to verbally abuse them.


Looking forward to this Judge Judy.

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wouldnt it be small claims court. for money under 3000 i think for normal people oh but wait gold diggers.

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this is a lawsuit????? cripes America's legal system just sucks.