Posted March 20, 2013

MLB says it’s not targeting Ryan Braun in PED investigation

MLB says it is not targeting Brewers slugger Ryan Braun for use of PEDs. (Rich Pilling/Getty Images)

MLB says it is not targeting Brewers slugger Ryan Braun for use of PEDs. (Rich Pilling/Getty Images)

Major League Baseball denied Wednesday that it has targeted Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun in its investigation of the Biogenesis clinic in Miami.

USA Today story published a story Wednesday calling Braun “MLB’s Public Enemy No. 1″ in its investigation of Biogenesis.

Biogenesis is an anti-aging clinic alleged to have sold performance-enhancing drugs to baseball players. Braun’s and numerous other baseball players names appeared on the log books of clinic operator Anthony Bosch.

“Everyone whose name has surfaced surrounding the Miami New Times story and Biogenesis is being investigated with equal vigor,” Major League Baseball executive vice president Rob Manfred said in a statement to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Braun said he contacted Bosch to be a consultant in his appeal of a positive drug test for elevated testosterone levels in the winter of 2011-12 and never paid Bosch for performance-enhancing drugs.

“I’m extremely confident and secure in who I am and how I live my life,” Braun told USA TODAY. “I will never allow anyone or anything to get me down or change that. I’ve always tried to do everything right in life and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. You get to the point where you almost don’t care what people think. But anybody that knows me and who has ever known me knows who I am. They know the way I live my life. They know I’m a good person.”


Why do these Ridiculously Ignorant Journalists post comments that state Braun was featured on the same pages as other players because he isn't. He's on a log over a refuted BILL! That's it! They keep running this man through the MUD, time and time again when he's never been in any kind of trouble anytime of his life! He's been a great ROLE MODEL, and he's ALWAYS been UNSELFISH! Which in these days of PreMadonna Athlete's is refreshing! NO OTHER PLAYER EVER accused of taking PED's has ever come back as good or better than he was before being accused! EXCEPT Ryan Braun! He's gained 25 whole pounds since he was a Senior in High school. Those are both traits of a PED user! YEAH RIGHT! This whole WITCH HUNT is PATHETIC and it's sad that Sports fans aren't smart enough NOT to listen to the MEDIA if they want the truth! I can't respect anyone that keeps dragging a GOOD man's name through the mud over and over w/out any evidence of wrong doing! And don't even try giving me the "He had a Urine Sample that tested positive" crap! The COLLECTOR took Braun's sample home for 3 days and claimed it wasn't tampered with even though it had the highest level of testosterone in the history of testing in it! That there should have been enough to clear him! If it isn't then how about the 22 UPS and FED EX outlets within 20 miles of Miller Park that he could have delivered the sample to the night it was collected! He had 5 hours so there's no excuse for taking it home for the Weekend! This man is INNOCENT and only ignorant -Pukes can't see it! Good luck this season Ryan although I know you don't need it, because you're the most TALENTED player in MLB in the past 6 years! Give me 1 player with better numbers in that time frame! OVERALL NUMBERS! There's NOBODY!  But the Milwaukee Brewers Left Fielder! He's already lost an MVP he obviously earned and a Gold Glove he totally deserves