Posted March 17, 2013

Ex-NFL player Chad Johnson wants back in the league


Former NFL player Chad Johnson says he would be interested in getting back in the league and he wouldn’t mind playing for the Houston Texans.

He admits he is in “no position to be picky” and would like an opportunity to play again. Johnson hasn’t played since Super Bowl XLVI when he caught one pass for 21 yards for the New England Patriots.

In 12 seasons, Johnson, 35, caught 766 passes for 11,059 yards and 67 touchdowns, mostly with the Cincinnati Bengals.

“I think I’ve been very good to the NFL and for the NFL over a number of years, making the game fun and exciting,” Johnson said to Comcast SportsNet Houston. “But I did mess up, you know I messed up once.  I made my bed and have to lay in it.  Some people are given second chances, some people aren’t.  I think at this point I’ve learned my lesson.”

Johnson was arrested in August 2012 on a charge of domestic battery and was released the next day by the Miami Dolphins. Johnson pleaded no contest to the charge and avoided jail time.


What's a domestic battery?  Like, something that charges houses?


Said the league, "that want is not reciprocated."


Arena ball.....or come play for my intramural team


Come to Oakland.  You can work out with Jamarcus!  I give you both the same chance (snowball, Hell) to make it back to the NFL.

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isnt that nice. well a whole lot of other players with more talent and more will power want back into the nfl as well, doesn't mean its gonna happen. the natural fluidity in and out of cuts, as well as the top level speed that made him a very good receiver are now gone. now you get to see, as papi del negro, posted before me the faults that have always kept him from being great: undisciplined route running, a lack in of strategic understanding of the game (see the patriot season), and a big ego that can no longer back up the talk. 

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I like Johnson's (newfound) humility in acknowledging he made a mistake, and, "I made my bed and have to lay in it." Unlike Terrell Owens or Keyshawn J., who declared they were still as good as any receiver in the game when they were whining for a job.


But the modern passing game of many top teams is more sophisticated and relies on in-play adjustments and cover recognition, and precise routes, so you are EXACTLY where the QB expects you to be in a given situation. Sandlot route-running doesn't cut it, unless you're an outside burner going deep.


Ocho demonstrated emphatically in NE that, as Papi and Dbum said, he doesn't have the strategic understanding or discipline, combined with his diminished physical skills, to cut it anymore. He drove Brady CRAZY not being able to pick up on the complexities over an ENTIRE season (much like Galloway.) That's why Brady couldn't utilize him.

Papi Del Negro..... Dont ask
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Come to Oakland.. Maybe you rekindle rapport with Palmer, along with undisciplined route running that frustrated him with you in Cincy.