Posted March 03, 2013

New York high school wins title on miraculous 55-foot buzzer beater


Trailing by two points with 2.9 seconds left, New Rochelle High School needed a miracle to beat Mount Vernon in the Section 1 Class AA championship game on Sunday in Westchester County.

They got it in the form of one of the wildest buzzer beaters ever to occur on a basketball court.

Senior Khalil Edney intercepted a pass and launched a 55-foot shot that fell through the net at the buzzer. As fans rushed the court and joined the team in celebration, officials initially ruled the shot no good, but gathered and reversed the call.

Edney missed Saturday’s semifinal game with a sprained ankle, according to New Rochelle trailed 34-24 with 1:30 left in the third quarter in that game, as well.

“I was just praying for it to go in,” Edney said of the miracle shot. “That’s one of them last-second things you throw up and it goes in.”

“I’m shocked right now,” Edney said. “We were down the whole game and I’m on a hurt ankle and playing through the pain. Coach said that I had to come through. I had a bad first half and stuck through it in the second half.”


Why isn't the clock they use on the replay synchronized with the backboard clock and lights?  You can clearly see that the backboard light is on and the clock reads "00.0" when they freeze the frame to show the "00.1" on the clock they're using.

James C
James C

Two things about that play. First, terrible play call by New Rochelle on the inbound play. You had 3 seconds to try advancing the ball without needing the three quarter court Latner heave.


The worse play was just throwing the ball up after the steal of the inbound pass, allowing it to be picked off and shot for the game winner.


I could be wrong, but I think the officials can now go to the monitor in high school ball in a situation like this, but that may not kick in until later in the tourney.


It was a great shot, and deserves play of the year recognition, but it was also a terrible play by both teams that worked out for one of them in the end.




Not only do they need to just hand him the ESPY for Play of the Year right now, they should just rename the award "The Edney."