Posted February 19, 2013

Alfonso Soriano would accept trade to ‘six or seven teams’

Alfonso Soriano said he would accept a trade to "six or seven" teams. (Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

Alfonso Soriano said he would accept a trade to “six or seven” teams. (Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano said Monday that if the Cubs fall out of contention, he would  be willing to accept a trade to “six or seven” teams.

“[The Cubs] know what teams,” Soriano said of a trade this season, according to’s Jesse Rogers. “We talked, my agent talked with those guys.”

Soriano described the six or seven potential trade destinations as “east or central.”

The aging, 37-year-old Soriano could still be an offensive asset to teams, but his knees could prove to be a liability in the field. Last season, he rejected a trade to the San Francisco Giants, citing the effect the cold weather would have on his knees as the reason.

Still, Soriano hit 32 homers and had 108 RBI last season. He has two years and $36 million remaining on his contract.

“I don’t even think about it [a trade],” he said. “If they want to go somewhere else I just take it day by day and see what happens.”


San Francisco in the summer is COLD.  Not to mention they play most games after 7PM when the fog rolls in.