Posted February 13, 2013

High school basketball player makes full-court bounce shot during game


A high school girls basketball player in Colorado Springs, Colo. made a highly improbable full-court bounce shot during a game on Friday evening.

Anna Olson of Lewis-Palmer High School threw the ball overhand from the opposite end of the court, behind the free throw line, sending the ball the full length of the court before it bounced into the basket. It happened in the final seconds of the third quarter in a game against Cheyenne Mountain High School. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, the shot counts for only two points; even though Olson shot it from well-beyond the three-point line, the eventual bounce at the other end of the court established it officially as a shot inside the arc.

Lewis-Palmer would go on to beat Cheyenne Mountain High, 30 to 22, and the video went viral in the days following the game.

Hat tip to YouTube user Coach Babbitt for the footage.


that got the crowd going,,,,,I been at games like that,,,good times,,,,,,how about the young star running back invited to sitting with the NFL commissioner at the super bowl,,,it can't get any better than the last super bowl.....