Posted February 11, 2013

Penn State could play in Ireland, Bill O’Brien says

Penn State coach Bill O'Brien said the team could play a game in Ireland sometime in the near future. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Penn State coach Bill O’Brien said the team could play a game in Ireland sometime in the near future. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Penn State is looking into playing a possible football game in Ireland in the future, head coach Bill O’Brien told reporters.

“We are definitely looking into playing in Ireland, no question about it,” he said, according to The Patriot-News.

“We’re working on an opponent and we’re working with the Big Ten on that. So that’s something that’s definitely in the works.”

NCAA sanctions handed down after the Jerry Sandusky scandal last year prohibit the football team from participating in bowl games for four seasons.

Notre Dame and Navy became the first college teams to play in Ireland when they kicked off the 2012 season at Aviva Stadium in Dublin. O’Brien didn’t specify whether a potential game in Ireland would come at the beginning of the season or at its end, in what would be a de-facto bowl game.



I remembered Notre Dame playing a game in Ireland in 1996.


November 2, 1996 - Notre Dame vs. Navy, Notre Dame won 54-27 in Dublin, Ireland


7 Games have been played in Ireland since 1944, 

Jan 1, 1944 Galloping Gaels vs. Wolverines in Belfast

Nov 19, 1988 Boston College vs. Army in Dublin

Dec 2, 1989 Pitt vs. Rutgers in Dublin

Nov 16, 1991 Holy Cross vs. Fordham in Limerick

Nov 29, 1992 Bowdoin vs. Tufts in Galway

Oct 9, 1993 Massachusetts vs. Rhode Island in Limerick

Nov 2, 1996 Notre Dame vs. Navy in Dublin


Hire me as a sports reporter!


An 8th game was played in the 2012 as well, Notre Dame once again played Navy in Dublin, but the other 7 prior did infact happen prior to the 2012 season.

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Read an article before you comment. a*h***!!!!

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Pretty sure college football had been played in Ireland before 2012, though the teams may have been Notre Dame and Navy.


 @KevinOnCFB I think this DavidMiller is an idiot, you are correct, I wrote down every game ever played in Ireland involving college football teams from the US.