Posted February 05, 2013

Report: Donald Fehr wanted by NBA agents to be next NBPA leader

Donald Fehr is the choice of many NBA agents to be the NBPA's next leader. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Donald Fehr is the choice of many NBA agents to be the NBPA’s next leader. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

NBA agents are floating prominent sports union leader Donald Fehr as the next possible head of the National Basketball Players Association, CBS Sports’ Ken Berger reported Monday.

Fehr is the current executive director of the NHL Players Association and also was the executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association.

He would replace Billy Hunter, who was placed on indefinite leave last week by a committee organized by union president Derek Fisher. That committee formed in order to “move the organization forward” after a stinging report by Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, an independent firm that was hired to investigate the union’s business practices under Hunter’s leadership.

Fehr did not comment when reached by Berger.

While representing NHL players during the recent NHL lockout, Fehr earned the notorious distinction of becoming the first players union director to lead two work stoppages. Fehr also presided over the MLB lockout of 1994-95, which canceled the entire 1994 postseason, including the World Series.

Hunter has been the head of the NBPA since 1996. Because the firm’s report found that Hunter’s contract was never “properly approved,” it said that the contract could be terminated.


Yes, let's get a guy who's union got steamrolled TWICE by lockouts that the NHL owners CLEARLY won.


So you are going to fire the guy who has been running the player's union for 16 years on a legal technicality?  If you don't like the work he's done for you, have the b@!!s to fire him for cause...ESPECIALLY after 16 years of service.  It would also help to hear/see the definition of "properly approved;"  I'm certain Billy Hunter will if he gets fired on this technicality.