Posted January 27, 2013

VIDEO: Kenneth Faried expresses support of gay civil unions


Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried has breached protocol for most professional athletes, taking a stand on an issue still controversial throughout the United States. Appearing in a video posted Friday, Faried introduced the world to his two moms, his birth mother and her partner, and proceeded to make the case for same-sex civil unions. One excerpt:

I support civil union because it gives…gays and lesbians the right to make decision on their own if they want to get married and let them choose who they want to be with. Even straight people have drama and stuff, but i really don’t see drama with these two.

You can watch the full video here:



Good for him.  Time to move past 19th Century thinking.  If his two mommas raised him to be good young man (which he seems to be) then what the hell is the problem?

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Iowa....seriously?  You are making crap up now just to justify your bigotry.  Being from 'Iowa', you should be a little better educated on same sex marriages and unions.   


Yup. As soon as you can be conceived by two women or two men then they can make a rational case for their unions Faried. If you're going to advocate for this then you should be advocating for polygamy or marrying our relatives or pets or whatever as's only fair. Equal rights for all to do whatever they want and marry whoever they want, right?



 Is someone marrying your mom, your pet, or your cousin?  Is someone in your bedroom doing the do while you have to watch? 


My point is, what the hell does it matter? Please do not force your version of morality on the rest of us.  Seriously.  Do not.  Perhaps you should evaluate what parts of your own life isn't up to snuff and work on those.  How do you treat your family? How hard do you work at your job? How is your relationship with the divine going?


Offended that I asked such questions? Think I'm prying? Yep, I am.  Just like you're prying too about this young man's life.  Obviously his two mommas did well by him and all of your hatred will not change that so go soak your head in some ice water and wake up to reality.


 @Iowa No, that's absolutely dumb logic. You could apply that same logic to the current discussion on gun control. If you allow handguns, then you should allow assault weapons, then you should allow bazookas, then you should allow gatling guns, then you should allow tanks, and then people should be able to own nuclear bombs.

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Well done Faried!  Go Nuggets!  Equal rights for all.

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Good for him.