Posted January 25, 2013

Disgruntled WR Titus Young fires another Twitter threat at Lions


Temperamental Lions wide receiver Titus Young used Twitter earlier this week to let the world know that he would sooner retire than play another season in Detroit unless he becomes a bigger part of the team’s passing game.

Coach Jim Schwartz countered on Wednesday that any player going on Twitter to complain about his team was “a pretty good example of a bad idea” and that he still had “some ground to cover” with the player who has already sucker-punched teammates Louis Delmas last offseason and was sent home for intentionally lining up in the wrong formation against the Packers last season.

Young has upped the ante on Twitter Friday, telling the Lions he’s tired of the team’s threats to cut him.

Lions GM Martin Mayhew reportedly will make a decision on Young’s future with the team prior to the NFL Draft on April 25-27. The Lions receiver corps was hit by injuries last season, likely making a pass-catcher a top priority in the draft.

He had 33 receptions for 383 yards and four touchdowns in 2012.


awesome dude, you've been cut twice now- twitter's awesome ain't it


This guy apparently thinks he's a lot better than he is (33 receptions for 383 yards is less yardage than most backs  coming out of the backfield).  I'm sure if this guy was as good as he thought he was, he would have gotten more reps.  He needs to get over himself.  Or work harder.  Making one's case on Twitter is lame.  Do it on the field.  Surely (even) the Lions can do better than this...