Posted January 22, 2013

Tom Brady ‘kick’ to be reviewed by NFL


The kicking motion that Tom Brady made on what would be one of the final plays of the season for the New England Patriots is going to be reviewed by the NFL for possible disciplinary action, according to league spokesman Greg Aiello on Tuesday. The news was reported via Ed Werder on Twitter with additional information in another ESPN report.


The play in question came during the final minute of the first half. Brady was sliding to the ground during a run to avoid a hit from Baltimore’s defense and in a quick motion raised his leg into the air, making contact with Ravens safety Ed Reed, who subsequently walked away without injury. The Ravens ended up winning the AFC Championship game in rather convincing fashion, 28-13.

Ravens safety Bernard Pollard said Brady “knew what he was doing” and said he’s fine with whatever the NFL ultimately decides but alluded to the idea that the league should fine him if it wants to stay consistent with its principles.


What game where u people watching? Obvious bias towards the pats.. Pollard tried to kick a couple patriot players and was overly aggressive where I'm surprised he didn't injure more players! If Tom Brady is going to be investigated and fined... Pollard should as well. Watch the game again and keep an eye on pollard he was playing dirty the whole damn game... U blind masses....


I get a kick out of people who act like Brady is a saint. He is a rabid competitor. I have seen him berate his linemen nearly to humiliation and he is not above losing himself in the heat of the battle. Heck I think that is one of the things I like about him. Now should it have been a penalty, darn right it should have. If any other player at any other position would have done it they would have been penalized. I don't have a problem with him, I have a problem with the double standards of the refs.

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Brady thought that Lewis gave Reed a knife; so its all understandable

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Brady thought that Lewis gave Reed a knife; so its all understandable.


What he did is not one bit different than what Suh did. It should have been flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and penalized accordingly. An Atlanta player was penalized for brushing the quarterbacks helmet with an open hand. Brady tried to kick the knee of Ed Reed and got nothing for it. The NFL should be looking at it.

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Brady is a bitch!


I believe it was an automatic reaction. It's like if you see something coming at you,  you duck/put your hands up etc...


He was practicing guarding his flag for future NFL play.

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I don't know Bernard Pollard, but I did see the play.  He clearly kicked toward the Raven's player.  My husband also commented on it.  In fact, he noticed it first, and I said "no way, Brady wouldn't do that", but they showed the replay and sure enough, he did it.  I don't care who you are,  Ndamukong Suh or Tom Brady, you don't try to purposely hurt another player.  I have not dog in the fight between these two teams, but I do know Tom Brady has been shown partiality when it comes to being hit.  You look at him the wrong way and they call a "roughing the quarterback" penalty.

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I thought it was unsportsmanlike conduct when I saw it.  Everyone criticized Suh earlier in the year for a leg-whip on a quarterback.  The quarterback already has the "free card" from getting hit with a feet first slide. No doubt he was trying to injure another player. 

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What is there to 'review'? Everyone not a Patriot fan knows it was a dirty play.

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Of all people to give his opinion, Bernard "Patriot Killer" Pollard is the last one to critisize Brady. He is a real candidate for an investigation of head hunting of Patriot players. Just look at his track record of injuring New England players. Has the oversite of the "bounty gate" situation stopped at New Orleans? Lets look into Baltimore coaching and their tachtics.

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 @Bracer You must be a Patriots fan. I am nothing but a football fan, and clearly Tom Brady was kicking at Ed Reed. 

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 @Bracer total bull, the hit Pollard put on Riddley was Riddley's fault. Riddley lowered his head in that play and paid the price....


 @Bracer All of Bernard Pollard hits where legal. I strongly believe in karma and since Spy gate Patriots have never won a SuperBowl again... I wonder why? There's no question Brady has talent but he fakes getting hurt so many times to draw fouls and purposely tries to hurt people, he is just pathetic and hes tarnishing his carer.

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 @Bracersounds like your typical patriots fan, side stepping the point. everyone saw it, not just pollard. but this your response and defense? brady is a little bitch, just like belichek. this is why the patriots have surpassed the raiders as the most hated team in the nfl. from head coach to star qb and everyone in between, they are a bunch of self entitled, spoiled, cry baby little bitches who think they are above the rules.


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 @DavidRobinson2  @Bracer

 Not to mention they get so much assistance from the officials, then listen to Phil Sims talk about how it's great defense when McCourty mugs Smith but unsportsmanlike if Reed or Williams are within five yards of touching Welker or one of the TEs. I never had a problem with Phil Sims before but he needs to keep a non-rooting interest in the game he covers. IMO.