Posted January 22, 2013

Report: Jets coach Rex Ryan involved in car crash


Jets head coach Rex Ryan was uninjured in a three-car crash last week that was allegedly caused by him running a red light, according to Deadspin.

According to a police report and source, damage at the scene supported Ryan’s denial that he was speeding, but he allegedly did not deny running a red light at an intersection in Bethlehem, Pa. The Mustang he was driving collided with another vehicle that was sent crashing into a third vehicle.

There were no injuries and the police source described all three vehicles as sustaining moderate damage.

A Jets spokesman told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that Ryan only received a warning.

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The Jets coach was speeding, ran a red light, and involved in a car accident. All he got was a warning.

This is the inequalities in america that I am talking about. America still didnt fulfil  MLK Dream.


DId his airbag deploy  . . . .  oh wait . . . . . he already has a built in one installed.