Posted January 22, 2013

Dwight Howard talks resurface as Nets once again enter the picture

The Nets are reportedly interested in trading for Dwight Howard again. (Harry How/Getty Images)

The Nets are reportedly interested in trading for Dwight Howard again. (Harry How/Getty Images)

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: The Brooklyn Nets are preparing to make a run at Dwight Howard, again.

Nets general manager Billy King is reportedly searching for a third team with a piece attractive enough to facilitate the trade, according to Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM, and feels like now is the time to once again ramp up efforts because of continuous struggles out of Los Angeles for the Lakers to live up to expectations, much less a .500 record. The general sentiment out of Brooklyn of course is that Howard would still listen to opportunities to sign long-term with Brooklyn.

According to sources, King was planning to contact the Minnesota Timberwolves in order to gauge their interest in a three-team trade that would send Kevin Love to the Lakers, Brook Lopez to the Timberwolves and Dwight Howard to the Nets.

The proposed trade is less probable now with Love currently rehabbing a broken hand that is expected to keep him out until mid-March.

But King is still interested in making it work, though he reportedly won’t make it a focal point to the extent that he did last summer when the Nets spending much of their time courting former Orlando Magic center.

King still has some time though; the NBA trade deadline is Feb. 21. Howard is in the middle of a 1-year, $19.2 million contract with the Lakers this season, so If he’s not traded by the deadline, expect these talks to surface again with regularity as several teams will no doubt enter the conversation to sign Howard as a free-agent this coming summer. His Staples Center neighbor, Chris Paul, also enters the market after the Los Angeles Clippers pay him $17.2 million this season.

In July, ESPN reported via RealGM that Howard would be interested in re-signing with the Lakers, but the real possibility that the team could miss the playoffs this season could change his course.


I think this would be a good trade for all sides, assuming K-Love will be healthy.  As a Laker fan I believe the Howard dynasty in L.A. will never come to pass.  Dwight is an immature fool who thinks he should be the first option where ever he plays, despite his inability to make free throws and play with a meanness and aggression all good players who win championships have.  I don't see Howard winning a championship anywhere unless he matures.  The Lakers made a mistake trading one immature center for another.  Yea, Kobe can be hard to take, but he's a proven winner who've shown he has what it takes to get to the Promise Land.  Guys like Howard and Bynum have to be pretty dense not to realize the opportunity L.A. presents to win championships..  



 yes. as a laker fan it makes sense because Howard can't make free throws and is a liability in close games, he also has few post moves, anf because he has no range is  not effective in pick and roll . Love would be ideal for you as he is a COMPLETE basketball player.   Nets do not need Howard, Lopez has range up to 20 feet, can hit free throws at a high percentage, can block shots (over 2.0 per game) and is rebounding better. He is a more COMPLETE player than Howard.  I would not take Howard here as this is a LOSE LOSE deal for NETS, Ok deal for Wolves and great deal for Lakers.