Posted January 18, 2013

Chelsea’s Frank Lampard reportedly agrees to join LA Galaxy

Frank Lampard will replace David Beckham as the LA Galaxy's Designated Player. (Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)

Frank Lampard will replace David Beckham as the LA Galaxy’s Designated Player. (Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)

Chelsea veteran midfielder Frank Lampard has agreed to terms with the LA Galaxy and will join the MLS champions at the end of the season, according to a report.

“It’s all but done,” the source told

The Galaxy reportedly targeted Kaka as the team’s Designated Player after David Beckham’s exit, until no deal could be done with the Brazilian midfielder. The team switched its focus to acquiring Lampard who was reportedly considering multiple offers from Premier League teams and a Chinese team. The end of Lampard’s 12 years with Chelsea grew evident as the season progressed.

Lampard, 34, is widely considered to be the greatest scoring central midfielder in Premier League history and one of Chelsea’s all-time great scorers.

Chelsea’s three-time player of the year expressed interest in playing in MLS in the past, including the team’s North America tour last summer.

“I am not sure [about a future in MLS],” Lampard said. “I have another year on my contract at Chelsea and we have a big season ahead of us with the Super Cup and the Club World Cup in December. It’s up to Chelsea to speak with me about my future and, at that time, I’ll speak with them.

“I wouldn’t rule anything out at the moment.”


Galaxy has two other designated players (Donovan, Keane).  Beckham was not "the designated player." 


 @SumithraRaoRoberts Seriously?  Beckham is and always will be the ORIGINAL Designated Player.  LA had 3 last year, Beckham, Donavon, and Keane.


I know Chelsea loves this guy. They booed Benitez unmercifully when he pulled him out of the match the other day (of course, Chelsea fans boo Benitez unmercifully every match), but LA knows how to get the good hire.


Good signing:   he'll improve The Galaxy.


I have a huge dislike of Chelsea, but any honest person knows Lamps knows how to win games.


greatest scoring midfield in history? how about not even the greatest scoring midfielder of his generation. That title belongs to Steven Gerrard. YNWA

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 @john0834  i dont know about that... really.. Gerrard was injured a whole lot more... but def. had some of the greatest goals, and more heart.. At least thats what the TV productions had me feeling. #debatable 



Good signing for the team.  Obviously it will not rouse the attention of the US media like Beckham did, but then again who really could realistically?  Unfortunately the Galaxy won't be playing in Columbus this year.


As for the stats vs. Gerrard?


Gerrard : 93 goals in 423 games with Liverpool + 19 in 100 for England.


Lampard: 133 in 388 + 26 in 93 for England.


Looks like Lampard wins this one hands down...