Posted January 16, 2013

San Diego State reportedly cancels Big East move to rejoin Mountain West


Mountain West Conference presidents have approved San Diego State’s request to rejoin the conference according to

SDSU announced it would join the Big East as a football-only member in December 2011, with a July 1 start date, and play other sports in the Big West. The Aztecs will now play all sports as a Mountain West member.

SDSU’s decision follows Boise State’s Dec. 31 announcement that it would not join the Big East as a football-only member. A term of SDSU’s Big East contract provided the Aztecs with the option to leave — without paying an exit fee — if Boise State did not join.

MWC commissioner Craig Thompson told ESPN that league presidents were required to vote by a 3/4 majority to approve San Diego State’s return.


Time will tell if the Mountain West is a league that will step-up to the plate in football. The problem is not just a television problem, but one of how this league is perceived. Look around at the stadiums that football is played in at Mountain West schools. When you basically play in small time facilities, then you are perceived as being small time. New football stadiums need to be built in the Mountain West. The newest facility is is probably Boise State , and the oldest is anyones guess. Even the stadium that is used by San Diego State, and the San Diego Chargers is inadequate for both teams, and for different reasons. Today, Las Vegas rolled-out a new stadium that costs $800 million dollars, and I would say that is the aberration in collegiate BCS type stadiums. However, the Mountain West Conference could embark on a program to develop better football game facilities through-out  the conference. You don't have to spend $800 million to get better facility, but some action from the Mountain West and member schools would establish priorities for the development of football game facilities. The present conference rules only stipulate that a school would have the minimum seating for a game. It doesn't speak to a hundred other things that need improvement for the small time perception to change. Now is the time to address and change the way that other schools and the general public look at the Mountain West football programs.


Death knell for the Big East.  About damn time.