Posted January 10, 2013

Steelers RB Chris Rainey arrested for ‘simple battery,’ waived from team


Steelers rookie running back and former Florida Gator Chris Rainey was arrested for “simple battery” (dating violence), according to the Gainesville Sun. Rainey and the victim got into a verbal argument which later turned physical, as witnesses observed Rainey slap her across the face. According to the police report, Rainey was taken to the Alachua County Jail for booking. No visible injuries were suffered by either party.

Rainey admitted to the altercation, but not slapping the witness, according to Ian Rapoport:

The arrest is not Rainey’s first — he also pled guilty to a misdemeanor stalking charge in 2010 after sending a text message to his girlfriend that read, “Time to Die B-tch.”

The Steelers announced via Twitter that they waived Rainey, shortly after the news:

Rainey, 24, was drafted in the fifth round (159th overall) by the Steelers in 2012. He had 102 rushing yards and two touchdowns last season.


I want to state that Rainey is innocent until proven guilty. Everyone is. But what is about some guys that they slap women around? It's cowardly. It's very cowardly. Unless someone is threatened (and that threat could come from a man or woman, certainly) why the slapping? Because she mouthed off to him? Do they think it makes them tough? It doesn't.  It weakens them. Pathetically. I almost wish the penalty for a man guilty of slapping a woman around would be for him to be slapped a few times. I know that is not really the best punishment, but it tempts me, it really does. In short, a man does NOT slap a woman unless he is protecting himself. So be a man. 


 @Rickapolis i agree 100 pct, its very cowardly. That said this guy has a history. The only reason he wasn't in jail for stalking is he was a gator and they dont actually punish gators legally in jacksonville , and the team doesn't really do anything either. So this kid should of gotten help because he was a gator he just got by with it. So what did they expect really. 

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Geez Rainey, if you treated the opposing team the way you treat women you'd actually have a career.