Posted January 08, 2013

NBA fines Mavericks owner Mark Cuban $50K for anti-officiating tweet


The NBA has fined Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban $50,000 for his asking followers for help fixing the league’s officiating on Twitter on Saturday, according to Brian Mahoney of the Associated Press. An NBA official confirmed the fine to The Dallas Morning News, but the league did not announce the fine.

Cuban questioned the officiating in the Mavericks’ Saturday overtime loss to New Orleans and Wednesday’s overtime loss to Miami in which officials did not review videotape of a late fourth-quarter play in which Dwyane Wade appeared to knock the ball out of bounds.

Cuban’s tweet appeared about 30 minutes after the loss to the Hornets.

It’s been estimated that Cuban has been fined between $1 million and $2 million in his 13 seasons as the Mavericks owner, but that figure has not been confirmed because the NBA does not always release news of fines.


Why is the NBA fining Cuban? They should be listening to him and trying to improve what's arguably the worst-officiated sport, professional or otherwise. The NBA would receive much more credit and far less scorn if they just acknowledged that they have a problem and then try to fix it. It's sad when seventh-graders abide by fundamental rules such as traveling and double-dribble, but the NBA officials turn a blind-eye when professionals are unable to play the game without doing both. Imagine how much better you would have been in high school or college if you could have basically run while carrying the ball? The NBA is filled with wonderful athletes, but their play is greatly enhanced when they're not required to play by the same rules that govern players at EVERY other level, from grade school to college.


Moreover, the NBA isn't even consistent with their lackadaisical officiating. In a recent overtime victory by the Heat, both Wade and James played over 40 minutes without either one of them being called for a SINGLE foul. That was a combined 86 minutes of professional basketball and not a single foul between them. Seriously, how would that be possible for even the least aggressive of NBA players, let alone for two highly aggressive players who are hand-checking and bumping their opponents all over the court? Cuban may be over the top and out of line on occasion, but he's hit the nail directly on the head in this case.