Posted January 08, 2013

Report: Jets fire offensive coordinator Tony Sparano

Tony Sparano

Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano was dismissed after his first year with the team. (Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

The Jets dismissed offensive coordinator Tony Sparano on Monday night after a meeting between Jets owner Woody Johnson and coach Rex Ryan, according to a report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. Sparano was with the team for only one year, and the Jets ranked 30th in total offense (299.2 yards per game).

The team’s tumultuous quarterback situation contributed to the decision:

Sparano’s firing comes one day after the Jets parted ways with quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh, according to a league source.

Cavanaugh, whose contract is set to expire, was Mark Sanchez’s position coach from the moment he was drafted fifth overall in 2009. Sanchez regressed in 2012 under Cavanaugh and offense coordinator Sparano.

And Tim Tebow didn’t have much of an impact after he was acquired in a trade with the Broncos as New York’s Wildcat package was ineffective.

Prior to joining the Jets, Sparano was the head coach for the Dolphins (2008 to 2011) and has also held positions with the Browns, Redskins, Jaguars and Cowboys.

The Jets fired general manager Mike Tannenbaum on Dec. 31, and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine may be the next to go.


Ryan said during the season that he was responsible for the Jets' record--too bad Woody Johnson apparently doesn't agree. It was Ryan who refused to bench Sanchez in spite of his horrific play. Still, Woody refuses to fire Ryan, instead blaming EVERYONE other than the man who ran the team and bragged about making ALL of the decisions that led to this past season's debacle. After every putrid, turnover-plagued performance by the Jets' offense, it was Ryan who kept defending Sanchez and claiming that he gave the Jets "the best chance to win," even while they kept LOSING. I guess in Woody Johnson's corporate world, the guys who make the lousy decisions that cost company's millions of dollars are never held accountable while the underlings are given the axe--Woody's simply applying that logic to the way that he runs the Jets.


And seriously, what kind of a general manager are the Jets going to get when they've already told the prospective candidates that they CAN"T fire the current head coach? That's probably a general manager's single MOST IMPORTANT decision. No GM candidate worth their salt is going to agree to that nonsense. Woody will merely be getting a "yes-man" who's looking for a promotion and a bigger paycheck. What a mess!

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They will still stink next year. Then they will finally realize it is Ryan who must go. He is a terrible coach. He has no control of the team. Getting rid of the assistants when a team is in this much disarray is never enough.


Poor guy, if only he could switch the a and the p in his name, not only would he be an un-fire-able coach and NY legend, but he could have his pick of Mayor, Governor, or Senator as a Democrat hero.

Sure, the Chicago mobsters got the White House so they will always be #1 for Ny Dem-lib, but he could come close with the Soprano name.

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Next to go is Rex!


 @JRCowboy49 You would think Ryan would have been the first to go since the Jets already made one offensive coordinator the scapegoat for last season's meltdown. Unfortunately, it will be at least one more depressing year of Ryan leading that dysfunctional team--maybe more, since Woody indicated that he apparently isn't concerned if the Jets miss the playoffs again next season.