Posted January 06, 2013

Rose and Sugar Bowls to host 2015 national semifinals


The Rose and Sugar Bowls will double as semifinals for the nation’s first NCAA Division I college football playoff, according to a report from

According to the report, the two bowls will host the semifinals together four times over the course of the 12-year playoff deal. When not serving as semifinals, the bowls will go on with participants from their usual conferences.

The deal gives the first indication of the order of rotation for bowls in the playoff era. With the pairing of Sugar and Rose bowls, the Fiesta and and Orange Bowls will likely be paired together as semifinals, as well as two additional venues to make for a three-year rotation.


The selection committee will quickly find out that four is too few. Seriously, if you don't have the BCS standings as a crutch/scapegoat, who makes the Final Four in 2012? Florida or Georgia? Oregon or Stanford? Georgia beat Florida on a neutral field and won the division and took #2 Alabama to the final minute in the SEC championship. Florida avoided Alabama and struggled against Missouri and Louisiana-Lafayette AT HOME, down the stretch. Stanford beat Oregon in Eugene and won the conference and took #1 Notre Dame to overtime in South Bend. Oregon beat up Sun Belt and FCS teams AT HOME in out-of-conference play. What about Big 12 champion Kansas State?They will be pushing for at least 8 teams within 5 years. The money to be made from an extra round of playoffs will be unreal - so we will see an 8-team playoff by 2020.


Hopefully they get it right and have the first round at the HOME FIELD of the higher seeded team.2012 would have been epic! The week before Christmas First Round would have featured:


Florida State at Notre Dame, in South Bend

Stanford at Alabama, in Tuscaloosa

Kansas State at Oregon, in Eugene

Florida at Georgia, in Athens


Set up two New Year's Day semi-finals with:


Oregon versus Alabama in the Sugar Bowl

Georgia versus Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl




I am really surprized that the new Cowboy Stadium / Cotton bowl isn't one of them. That is a simplly amazing stadium. Or even the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, San Antonio has buiklt itself up as the tourist/convention center. Both have enough hotels, entertainment, and transportation. The weather has a chance of sunshine with a chance for meatballs.


It's not about the players or the game with repect to the weather....It's all about the tourist, and no one wants to trudge thru sleet and snow to get from place-to-place after spending a boatload of jack.

With that kind of money, they'd change their plans and visit Paris and watch the game on TV at a cafe..   

James C
James C

Jerry Jones wont have to sue to get it. Most people fully expect the other two Bowl Games that get added to the roation to be the Cotton Bowl and the Chick-Fil-A Bowl brining in the best of the southern stadiums to the playoff fold.


The question will be which locations host the title game since that supposedly will be bid out like the Super Bowl is for the NFL.


I had an interesting discussion with my father about this today. Will the title game be limited to the stadiums that currently host major Bowl Games or will they expand it to places like Indy, Detroit, Seattle, or other locations with NFL stadiums? Personally I would like to see that game rotated all over the country including less than ideal southern climates. Football is not a strictly indoor game, so the title game shouldn't always be at an indoor or totally southern location. The playoffs for the FCS, DII and DIII are often played in less than warm conditions and it doesn't impact the results. Do I want GB to host the game? No, that would be extreme, but I think northern cities with domed stadiums should be in the mix, not just the 80 degrees and sunny all year areas of the country.


How soon before Jerry Jones goes to court to get a game at his place?