Posted December 29, 2012

Report: Winnipeg, Columbus may switch conferences in shortened NHL season


The NHL is considering moving Winnipeg to the Western Conference’s Central Division and Columbus to the Eastern Conference’s Southeast Division in the event of a shortened 2013 season, according to Larry Brooks of the New York Post.

A four or five month season in the Southeast Division would magnify Winnipeg’s travel requirements, but a shift to the Central Division would all the Jets to play road games in their own time zone.

Columbus would also benefit from an easier travel schedule playing a shorter season in the Southeast Division.

The NHL approved a realignment plan that addressed Winnipeg’s move from Atlanta in December of 2011 only to have the NHLPA nullify it in early 2012.

Neither team made the playoffs last season, so neither team is expected to gain a competitive advantage if such a move is made.


Actually i`d lik to see the Jets in the Northwest Div.playing Edmonton,Calgary & Vancouver.That`s a great rivalry right there.I`m still saying the best move is Jets to the NW Div.,Wild to the Central Div.,an the Preds to the SE Div.Cuts down on travel which should save some money for all three teams,plus geographical rivalries will develope instantly.Makes sense,that`s why the NHL hasn`t considered it.