Posted December 27, 2012

Bears accuse Lions of dirty play and Matthew Stafford of folding

Henry Melton called center Dominic Raiola the Lions' biggest trash talker. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Henry Melton called center Dominic Raiola the Lions’ biggest trash talker. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton accused Lions offensive players of playing “dirty,” via the Chicago Tribune prior to the teams’ game Sunday at Ford Field.

“Dirty. They’re dirty,” Melton said of the Lions. “They’ve always been a dirty team since I’ve been here. I don’t like them. They’re going to be looking for cheap shots and all that mess, just have to hold our composure and play the game we know.”

Melton said the Lions’ dirty play is evident on game video. The Bears took exception to an Ndamukong Suh hit on quarterback Jay Cutler during their previous meeting at Soldier Field this season.

“They just try to do all this extra stuff, talking little cheap shots,” Melton said. “If you look at the tape, they’ve always thrown cheap shots, we had a brawl last year. It is what it is, I’m ready.”

Melton called center Dominic Raiola the Lions’ biggest trash talker, accusing the veteran of swearing and taking cheap shots.

“He’s old and he just talks. He’s more just cuss words, bad language,” Melton said. “Then he’ll throw some cheap shots in there and then he’ll say some bad words.”

Bears safety Major Wright gave the Lions more bulletin board material when he accused Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford of folding under pressure.

“You’ve got Matthew Stafford; he’s definitely having an OK season,” Wright said. “He can make any throw on that field, so you have to be aware of putting pressure on him because you put a little pressure on him, he kind of folds.”

The Bears must win Sunday — and have the Packers beat the Vikings — to secure the NFC’s sixth and final wild-card berth.


If the Bears want to accuse anyone of folding, I recommend that they look at their record after the first half of the season (7-1) and then look again after going 3-5 to finish 10-6 and understand that the 2012 Chicago Bears are the DEFINITION OF FOLDING.  When you look up "folding" in the Dictionary, as of today, instead of a bunch of words, you'll just see the following:  "2012 CHICAGO BEARS".    Yes, Raiola and Suh are probably dirty, but at least they didn't BLOW an easy shot to the playoffs after going 7-1 to start the season, like the Bears did.  Note also, that the week one opponent of the Bears, the Colts, whom the Bears beat ARE in the playoffs, the Bears are not.  The 2012 NFL season has progressed a long way from week one.   The Bears are who we thought they are.  And the NFL did not let them off the hook!  


I don't see Stafford folding under pressure any more than any other quarterback running for his life. In fact, Stafford seems to get stronger as the game goes on and has given the Lions plenty of late game drives.

And i'm not sure about the whole team but Suh? - yeah, he's dirty.