Posted December 23, 2012

Heat forward LeBron James says he will never compete in Slam Dunk contest

Fans won't be seeing LeBron James in the Slam Dunk Contest anytime soon. (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBA/Getty Images)

Fans won’t be seeing LeBron James in the Slam Dunk Contest anytime soon. (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBA/Getty Images)

For years, fans have been wanting Miami Heat forward LeBron James to show off his impressive dunking arsenal and compete in the Slam Dunk Contest during the NBA All-Star Weekend.

On Saturday night after the Heat’s 105-89 home victory over the Utah Jazz, James ended all speculation about him competing in the contest. When asked, if he would ever compete, James said:

“No,’’ said James to Fox Sports Florida. “It’s over with. I’m getting too old… It’s a taxing season. A lot of stars play a lot of the bulk of the minutes. So they got to protect their body and understand that they got to do what’s best for them. There were times when I wanted to do it. But I came into All-Star Weekend a few times banged up and I didn’t want to risk further injury.”

The Slam Dunk contest will take place during the NBA All-Star Weekend at Houston’s Toyota Center Feb. 16. The NBA All-Star Game will be held Feb. 17. Last year’s contest was won by Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans.

James, in his 9th season, is coming off winning an Olympic gold medal in London this past summer and leading his team to an NBA championship. He is averaging 25.2 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game this season.


dunk contest proves nothing.... he gains nothing by being in this non event


Typical LeBumb ............. he's scared that he'd lose because if he did, his ego couldn't take it and of course, his endorsement would surely suffer .............


I give the man credit. Personally, I think basketball players and hockey players are idiots for playing in olympics. They are sucked in, under the guise of national pride and make no money for that , and rick injury. If I were a premier athlete in a sport where I am already making tons of money, I would bypass all this extra stuff. Maybe do an allstar game but nothing else.