Posted December 22, 2012

Report: Restructured Mountain West-CBS deal could force Boise State’s hand

A new Mountain West TV deal could lure Boise State away from the Big East. (Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)

A new Mountain West TV deal could lure Boise State away from the Big East. (Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)

The Mountain West Conference will restructure its television rights deal with CBS with an eye on positioning itself as the dominant non-BCS league heading into college football’s new playoff system, according to multiple conference sources in a report.

The new deal reportedly will give the MWC more leeway in rights payments when its current deal expires with the 2015-16 academic year. While CBS will continue to be the MWC’s primary rightsholder — and maintain a number of priority picks –the league will gain the right to sell packages of games to two other networks. The games could be licensed to networks such as NBC Sports Network, Fox, Turner and ESPN. The MWC television deal with CBS is reportedly being restructured after the network shuttered The Mtn. Network.

“The conference is stable as it’s ever been in terms of conference membership,” a conference source said.’s Dennis Dodd reports the new deal would further weaken the Big East’s current football alignment and force Boise State to choose between its already tenuous Big East commitment and a Mountain West that’s almost guaranteed to exist through 2015.’s Pete Thamel reports three sources saying Boise State’s pulling out of the Big East and returning to the MWC appears inevitable.

The MWC is scheduled to submit its 2013 television schedule to its rightsholders in January, possibly forcing Boise State into a quick decision. Boise State’s Big East entry was based on annual projections of $8 million-$10 million, which the Big East is unlikely to meet, especially amidst the turmoil created by the pending departure of “The Catholic Seven” schools.


Boise going to the Big East was always a HORRIBLE idea.  The travel would've hurt their successes, look at what travel requirements have done to West Virginia.  Of course UWV's defense got exposed but I reckon they lost at least three games they would've won if not from travel fatigue.


Now what MWC officials should do is start preliminary talks w/ Conference USA peeps about a merger of some sort. Geographically it probably doesn't work too well but if they split it into three divisions it might be pretty convenient.

James C
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Boise State needs to stay where they are at. It makes no sense for Boise St, or SDSU to move into the Big East for football, and the Big West for other sports. 


The MWC is now considered EQUAL on football terms starting in 2014. The MWC is a geographical fit for BSU and SDSU, where going across country for football will be an expensive issue for SDSU and BSU. 


The simple fact is this is the next step in a quickly changing college sports landscape. 


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