Posted December 20, 2012

NHL cancels regular-season games through Jan. 14


The National Hockey League announced Thursday the cancellation of 2012-13 regular-season games through January 14 due to the league’s labor dispute with the NHLPA.

The move will leave 625 regular-season games — 50.8 percent of the season — lost during the current lockout.

NHL Deputy commissioner Bill Daly said yesterday the point of no return for cancelling the entire 2012-13 season is in and around mid-January.

The 2004-05 season was not canceled until much later in the schedule, but the NHL reportedly won’t wait as long during this lockout.

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Don't these idiots realize that, unlike the NBA and NFL lockouts, most people don't give a crap.  There has been very little media coverage as compared to the other two situations, and nobody is clamoring for an end to the lockout.