Posted December 18, 2012

Jets bench Mark Sanchez, will start Greg McElroy at quarterback on Sunday


After being eliminated from playoff contention on Monday night, the New York Jets announced that backup quarterback Greg McElroy will start over Mark Sanchez in Sunday’s game against the Chargers.

The move comes the day after Sanchez threw four interceptions and fumbled the snap on a potential game-winning drive in an ugly 14-10 loss to the Titans. New York fell to 6-8, two games behind the wild card leaders.

McElroy, a seventh-round draft pick out of Alabama in 2011, has appeared in just one NFL game. During Week 13 against the Cardinals, he led the Jets on the only touchdown drive of the game, giving them a 7-6 win that allowed them to creep back into contention.

In the team’s past three games, Sanchez has thrown one touchdown compared to seven interceptions, although the Jets won two of those games. He owns a 67.9 quarterback rating on the season, slightly below his career rating of 72.1.

Media members, including SNY’s Adam Schein and NFL Network’s Kimberly Jones, are already questioning why the Jets continue to neglect Tim Tebow after acquiring him in the offseason for fourth and sixth round picks. McElroy was inactive the past two weeks, with Tebow serving as the backup.


Ryan has shot off his blowhard piehole for the last time as an NFL Head Coach, at least until the next decade----unless a team is completely off its hinges......   Tebow has a 9-7 record as QB plus a playoff win over the Steelers.   McElroy is a second-rater, just like Rex.   Ryan just didn't want Timmy to win the last two games and certify that the Jets' coach is a perfect fool.

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REx has finally lost it. Not playing Tebow has been his downfall for the entire year.. He could have drawn crowds with Teabow at QB, not with McElroy.




If the Jacksonville Jaguars or Cleveland Browns were this bad, we'd never hear about them.


Oh wait...

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Maybe the ravens knew what they were doing when they did not promote Ryan to their vacant head coaching job. Jets gave up 2 first round picks to move up and grab Sanchez. Cant fire the owner

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 @FredFlintsone I don't get it.  They hire and pay coaches, scouts, GM big money to develop a winning team and they can't figure out how to get this group of "professionals" to play together as a "TEAM?"  Sounds to me like a coaching and management problem.  The Jets need to give REX the Boot, take the 3 points and move on.  They can't do any worse.  If Sanchez is cut, he will perform above and beyond what he is doing now with this organization.  REX is all mouth and thank god as their record shows, has been humbled and has kept his trap shut.