Posted December 15, 2012

NHL to seek to void all player contracts if union dissolves

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman's league is now in the 91st day of the lockout. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s league is now in the 91st day of the lockout. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The National Hockey League will seek to void all player contracts if the players association is successful in dissolving the union, reports the Toronto Sun.

The union will vote to dissolve the union electronically starting on Sunday and the process will continue over a five-day period. A 2/3 majority vote is needed to pass and the NHLPA executive board has a Jan. 2, 2013 deadline to file a disclaimer of interest.

On Friday, the NHL filed a class action complaint to uphold the lockout and an Unfair Labor Practice Charge with the National Labor Relations Board. The Players Association said the league’s position was “completely without merit.”

“The NHL requests a declaration that, if the NHLPA’s decertification or disclaimer were not deemed invalid by the NLRB, and the collective bargaining relationship between the parties were not otherwise to continue, all existing contracts between NHL players and NHL teams (known as Standard Player’s Contracts or “SPCs”) would be void and unenforceable,” a statement by the NHL said.

The lockout is now in its 91st day and all games through Dec. 30 have been canceled.


Is it possible to impeach a Commissioner of a sport?

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Maybe this is what the owners who are in long contracts with disappointing players wanted all along.  I suspect that once any contract is voided you will see the players heading to Europe with investors moving their interest there.  The NHL may not survive and it may take a while for us to get use to the new team names, but professional hockey and the player being locked out by greedy owners will play on.

I look forward to hearing the unemployed Bettman talk about what asset he could bring to a potential employer.  Can''t lead, can't negiotiate and can't understand the simple things.  I think he will be unemployed for along time.


if all contracts r voided what happens when the hockey starts again is everyone a free agent 


This is what the league always wanted. Except the player contracts aren't between the teams and the union...they are for a contracted service from the players. 


again decertfing gets us no closer to a deal, and it appears that fehr will forfeit a season just to say oh if it weren't for those greedy owners we would have a deal by now.  My thought is the owners have given, and all they end up getting on return from fehr is the bird saying, no we want to meet all our demands and until you do, a deal will not be done

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 @CobyPreimesberger Everyone is entitled to an opinion...they are like a certain body part everyone has. But some opinions are only as good as what comes out of that body part. You may not like the Players Union, but they are doing what is best for the players (not the fans), WHICH is their job. The players got reamed with the last contract. They know it. Everything Bob Goodenow said would happen if the players conceded, has. So they said, "We screwed up...we need to get a pit bull to not let this happen again". And they did. You may not like it. You may think the players are in the wrong. But the league is not addressing why certain teams are "losing money"...which I really doubt many are if you look at the entire revenue sources. These teams are owned by business men. Period. They didn't get to be where they are by having losing ventures.