Posted December 14, 2012

UConn, Cincinnati reportedly discuss new conference, possible ACC leverage

The addition of schools such as Tulane might not save the Big East. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

The addition of schools such as Tulane might not save the Big East. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

With the Big East’s seven non-football Catholic universities expected to formally announce their withdrawal from the league soon, Connecticut and Cincinnati are exploring options — including forming a new transcontinental conference, according to a Sporting News report.

Sources close to the discussion told Sporting News on Friday that UConn and Cincinnati have discussed a cross-continent all-sports league involving some current Big East schools as well as prominent members of the Mountain West. The proposed conference would include UConn, Cincinnati, South Florida, Memphis, Temple, Boise State, San Diego State, UNLV, New Mexico and possibly BYU or Central Florida.

The report said NBC Sports Network would likely be approached to gauge its interest in such a media property.

If a “Transcontinental Conference” were to form, what would keep founders UConn and/or Cincinnati from leaving if the ACC comes calling? Schools in the new conference would have to make a serious financial commitment, such as the “grant of rights” Big 12 members made, signing over their media rights if they leave.

Mike DeCourcy of Sporting News writes word of UConn and Cincinnati being locked into a new conference alignment could provide enough leverage to push ACC schools such as Duke and Wake Forest into coaxing the conference to extend an invitation and increase its membership to 16 schools.

Several ACC members, including Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech, have been rumored to be interested targets for richer conferences such as the Big Ten, Big 12 and SEC.


Why would BYU want to put itself back in a conference that gets no respect simply because the majority of the teams could never compete vs the teams from major conferences, this dragging the teams who put resources into their football programs down as well. The old MWC had three teams that won by far more battles vs the BCS than they lost, however those three had to go undefeated in order to get into the top five bowl games, because at the bottom you had New Mexico, UNLV, Wyoming, Colo St, with few fans and awful, really Gawd awful football. In 1996 BYU with 1 loss and 13 wins had no chance but teams that couldn't hold of their socks played for the big money.


Awful idea


What an awful, awful idea.


If you want to leverage cross-continent games, then get an eastern conference and work in conjunction with a western conference. Make scheduling agreements and involve them in any television deal.


Do you really think that athletic departments want to send their swimming / cross country / track & field / soccer / golf / etc. teams across the entire country? How much is that going to cost?


It could work if they get BYU and Houston. SMU, Navy, and UCF would help them get to 14 teams and a presence in some key markets, for East and West divisions.












Boise St




New Mexico




Conference championship game and bball tourney rotate among Las Vegas, Dallas, and Washington D.C.


Football schedule - 6 games in your division, 2 against the other division on a rotating basis.


Bball schedule - 12 games against your division (home and away), 7 games against other division (with cross-country road trips clumped together - ie, SDSU, UNLV, and New Mexico travel to northeast and play three games against UConn, Temple, and Navy over 5 or 6 nights).


@Boscatar It's hard to imagine a more appropriate Homecoming opponent than either UNLV, New Mex, Temple and Memphis. If there is an "Nobody Cares We Stink" conference they along with Colorado would be the charter members


why is houston not included ?


@Blake5 They stink in all sports, that's why not to mention horrible facilities

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SEC and Big 10 will add 2 more each and take them from the ACC. Then the B12 will pick apart the rest of the ACC like a buzzard on fresh roadkill.


Hey Swofford, what goes around, comes around.


 @Joel1 The Big 12 is really only interested in the four aforementioned, it would make life easier for West Virginia.  If they don't start getting some teams closer than the current VWU is going to be hard pressed to remain a power. The travel already wore them out this season.


Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech could be put in an East bracket w/ West Va but that's still going to entail a lot of travel so I don't see it happening.  


Ideally conferences need to get back to playing schools in their region.  Mizzou already hates life being put in the sec EAST!!!