Posted December 13, 2012

Drew Brees: Roger Goodell ‘little to no credibility’ with NFL players, league owes NFLPA apology

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees lambasted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday, a day after former commish Paul Tagliabue issued a 22-page report that effectively absolved Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith, Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove of previous sanctions that had been placed on them by the league.

Despite the report, the damage to the Saints, and to a larger degree, the NFL, has already been done. A number of members from the Saints coaching staff have served suspensions and the team was also fined and forced to surrender two second-round draft picks.

Brees wants the league to apologize to the players in an effort to repair the lack of credibility Goodell now has with his players, according to a report today from The Times-Picayune.

Brees said he wants the league to be held accountable and that Goodell has “little to no credibility” with NFL players right now.

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Goodell is very busy doing very big things like adding shocking pink to each teams color scheme during 25-30% of the regular season as a marketing ploy to sell NFL gear to women. So how is he supposed to have time to ensure investigations are accurate? He also has other PC things on his mind like eliminating propensity for injury during kickoffs by eliminating them.

He is also very busy doing an after the fact CYA on head injuries to deal with all those lawsuits in which ambulance chaser lawyers stand to be the ones who get really filty rich. Sort of like when a habitual dunk driver finally gets popped for DUI causing property/body damage and the first thing his lawyer tells him is to enter "21 day rehab".

Yet "Commisioner Concerned" has teams playing on 3 days rest every week of the NFL season, which seems to be at odds with sincerity of his safety concerns. It just seems, on paper anyway, that the Commissioner is more concerned with revenue coming in to feed the NFL Network than he is with the collateral damage of broken players not properly rested crashing into each other with crushing force.


Can I ask a simple question, Mr Goodell?.

WHY dont these teams that play on Thursday nights do so on 10 days rest after their bye week?


Want a bonus idea, Mr Rogers?  Take this idea AND add Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Night games to your Network while stretching the schedule to 16 games in 18 weeks. Wouldn't the Nework be more attractive and less boring if you fit 4 live game into 168 hrs of weekly programming?