Posted December 04, 2012

Rex Ryan ‘leaning toward’ Greg McElroy over Mark Sanchez as starter: Report

Jets head coach Rex Ryan is reportedly "leaning toward" starting Greg McElroy at quarterback over Mark Sanchez on Sunday. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Jets head coach Rex Ryan is reportedly “leaning toward” starting Greg McElroy at quarterback over Mark Sanchez on Sunday. (Elsa/Getty Images)

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is “leaning toward” giving Greg McElroy the start over Mark Sanchez on Sunday when the Jets take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported Monday night.

La Canfora reported that the debate between the Jets’ coaching staff and front office centers more on Sanchez’s value to the team. Based purely on football, he reported, most of the staff prefers McElroy at this point.

From La Canfora’s report:

The staff has noted the improved pace and verve of the offense during McElroy’s brief stint replacing starter Mark Sanchez and rallying the team for a win over Arizona. The players responded well to the novice passer in the huddle, and there was a renewed spirit from the moribund offense, which Sanchez continued to slump and turn the ball over.

One source suggested to La Canfora it was 65-35 in McElroy’s favor but noted that Ryan still was set to meet with general manager Mike Tannenbaum about the issue tonight.

The Jets trailed the Arizona Cardinals 3-0 on Sunday when Ryan benched Sanchez, who had thrown three interceptions. McElroy led a 10-play, 69-yard drive that culminated in the eventual game-winning touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter.

Earlier Monday, Ryan said that he “needed a little more time” to decide which quarterback would start the team’s next game at Jacksonville, but he said he would likely choose by Wednesday.

At 5-7, the Jets are two games behind both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals for the AFC’s sixth and final playoff spot.

Another item of note from La Canfora’s report: Tim Tebow is not being considered as a starting option, regardless of health.


Great move finally by Rex if he starts Greg, because next year Sanchez and Tebow wont be with the Jets.........


well Sanchez has sucked for the most part all season. seriously its going to be McElroy @ QB Sunday. what do you have to lose really? Sanchez was playing vs a 3rd string Qb and team who'd lost 7 games in a row and still couldn't get nothing done. Jacksonville ain't much better. Sit and at worst he can come in as a backup.


Put McElroy as the starting QB and Sanchez as backup. Move Tebow to tight end or fullback but not QB. The longer Tebow thinks that he is a viable QB the longer the drama will persist. Time to give the ball to McElroy and see what he can do.


Everyone always seems to not value Greg as highly as the other QBs around him.  This happened when he was in college also.  Its funny...  the Jets have 1 QB Sanchez who everyone wants to love but can't win and 2 QBs; Tebow and McElroy who people seem to dislike or over look.  However, it is those 2 guys who have consistently won at every level.  If I were the Jets i would go with McElroy or Tebow (I know he is hurt right now) the rest of the way to see what they are made of.  If you find something in either one trade Sanchez for another pick.  Their roster is old and ineffective as it is.