Posted December 03, 2012

Report: Alex Rodriguez to undergo hip surgery, miss beginning of 2013 season


Alex Rodriguez  is expected to undergo surgery on his left hip and likely miss part of the 2013 season, according to a report by Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

The expectation is that Rodriguez wants to play on, not retire. The surgery is expected to be performed in Colorado by Dr. Marc Philippon, who performed the initial surgery in 2009. Rodriguez came back from that operation to play well, driving in 100 runs in just 124 games and starring in a postseason that culminated with the Yankees’ only title during his tenure.

Sherman later added that the Yankees anticipate Rodriguez returning as a full-time player in June.

Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News reports via Twitter that Rodriguez will have the surgery in January.

Rodriguez’s absence, coupled with Derek Jeter’s recovery from a broken ankle, could leave the Yankees starting the season without the left side of their infield.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported via Twitter the Yankees’ options include Marco Scutaro and Jeff Keppinger.


I wish Mr. Rodriguez a speedy recovery and I sincerely hope that he obtain several independent orthopedic surgery opinions before undergoing hip surgery.   My mother is currently undergoing her second hip operation in less than a year.  I am actually writing this comment as we are in the waiting room. 

My mother’s initial operation involved the implantation of an artificial hip manufactured by Styker.  We were very concerned because of the number of problems that we had hear about with metal on metal hip implant devices.  The Stryker hip implant was not supposed to have any problems.  However with in a few months it was recalled too.  She began to experience abnormal amounts of Cobalt in her blood.


Now at 75 she is having her one-year old   <a title="recalled Stryker hip implant" href=" removed and the surgeon is trying to reconstruct her hip.  Obviously she is not a professional athlete.  But her story should serve as a warning to anyone, including A-Rod about the dangers associated with hip implants. 

I saw ARod at a restaurant in Miami just last week.  I wish I had known this and I would have offered him my suggestion in person. 


arods ex wife yelled at him , "take out the garbage",


he replied, "you cooked it, you take it out"


not a lobotomy? surprised me. (almost as much as LBJ for sportsman of the year)