Posted November 23, 2012

NHL cancels games through December 14, including All-Star Game

All-Star Game

The All-Star Game, announced with fanfare in Columbus, has been cancelled due to the lockout. (Jamie Sabau, Getty Images)

The NHL lockout will continue into December and has claimed another of the league’s marquee events.

The league announced today that all games until December 14th have been officially cancelled, as has the league’s All-Star weekend, which was due to take place in Columbus, Ohio on January 26 and 27, 2013. The cancellations mean the dispute between the NHL and its players’ association has resulted in 422 cancelled games, or 34.3% of the season.

The All-Star Game and its surrounding festivities are the second high-profile casualty of the game cancellations – the Winter Classic, played annually on New Year’s Day, was cancelled earlier this month.

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And this announcement is met by a giant sigh of apathy.


I wouldn't say apathy really, more like an overdue confimation of the obvious.  At this point the only guess about what is in a NHL news conference is how much more of the season will be lost.