Posted November 21, 2012

Lance Armstrong has honorary degree rescinded from Tufts University


Tufts University rescinded its honorary degree it conferred to Lance Armstrong for a 2006 commencement speech. (AFP/Getty Images)

Suffice to say that 2012 is not Lance Armstrong’s greatest year. The rescinding and distancing continues. Tufts University is the latest entity to separate itself from the world-famous cyclist who had his seven Tour de France titles stripped in October.

According to a report Wednesday from The Boston Globe, the Board of Trustees at Tufts University unanimously voted to rescind the honorary degrees that Armstrong received from the school for giving the ceremonial graduation commencement speech in 2006. Kimberly Thurler, the director of public relations for the school said that as a result of allegations made towards Armstrong, which have subsequently proven to be true, the school believes that Armstrong is no longer a good representation of the kind of values associated with Tufts:

“While continuing to respect the significant work of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the board concluded that, in the wake of the recent report of the United States Anti-Doping Agency and its acceptance by the International Cycling Union, Mr. Armstrong’s actions as an athlete are inconsistent with the values of the University.”

Earlier in November, Armstrong’s name had been removed from any association with Livestrong, the cancer-research foundation he once popularized with global recognition. Armstrong had also stepped down from the charity’s board of directors and as chairman of the foundation. Nike had also dropped him in the wake of the evidence that supported those allegations.

At the 2006 commencement speech, Armstrong, who was conferred a doctorate degree for speaking to the University, said he found it incredibly ironic that he’s now a doctor considering he never finished high school:

“For a guy who barely made it out of high school, I find it incredibly ironic that I am standing up here as a doctor. I would just ask that somebody send the photos to the principal at Plano East Senior High and let them know that I, in fact, graduated from Tufts and he has to call me Dr. Armstrong now.”

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This just in:  Charlie Zinzermeyer declares that Lance Armstrong is retroactively no longer his best buddy in second grade, and he wants his prize tiger-eye shooter back..  And while we're at it, Nurse Jenna Harboughten, retired from Methodist Hospital maternity ward,  retracts her statement "Oh, what a cute baby! You must be so proud!".

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Newsflash:  Armstrong is bigger than Tufts University.

Dave Tracy
Dave Tracy

 @Lyle You are right. Armstrong is the biggest cheat, liar and fraud in sports history. Tufts can't top that.


 @Dave Tracy You may be right about that.  The fact remains that he pedaled his way to  7 Tours.  All the top 50 riders around him were doping also, and they never won in those seven years.  This is not to excuse Armstrong's alleged cheating, but it shows that the cheating is a relative factor, in that all the others were cheating along with him. 

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Newsflash: And he did it all with One nut!