Posted November 19, 2012

Report: Rutgers to announce Big Ten move on Tuesday


Sources said Rutgers will announce its move from the Big East to the Big Ten on Tuesday according to’s Brett McMurphy via Twitter.

Rutgers has been linked to the Big Ten, along with Maryland, whose Board of Regents approved its move from the ACC on Monday. Rutgers is expected to move to the Big Ten — along with Maryland — for the 2014-15 school year.

The buyout for schools leaving the Big East is $10 million along with 27 months’ notice. The conference, however, has allowed Pitt, Syracuse and West Virginia to pay a higher fee in order to leave earlier.

The addition of Maryland and Rutgers will give the Big Ten an added presence and coveted television markets in the East.’s Pete Thamel reported that the Big Ten’s potential addition of Rutgers would bring in millions of East Coast television sets, but was not without risk:

“Rutgers is the wild card here,” said a television executive with no connection to the move. “Rutgers in New Jersey and New York City isn’t Ohio State in Ohio. Is it possible that the interest in Rutgers in the corridor is so marginal that no one is willing to carry it in that corridor? Is it possible that Rutgers doesn’t resonate enough to justify 1.25 across any of the subscribers?”

One potential piece of leverage the Big Ten will have is FOX and News Corp’s reported attempt to purchase the YES Network, which could help strong-arm the Big Ten into the New York market.


I don't think RU is a wild card.  They have tons of fans that are just waiting for them to play bigger football names than Temple, Howard, USF, etc.  The B10 is making a good move here by opening up shop the NY/NJ area.  They will not only secure more B10 network customers, but also expose their members to he business/research dollars in the area as well.


Watch to see how well Rutgers travels if they get in the Orange Bowl.  My guess is that there won't be an empty seat in the house.