Posted November 09, 2012

TMZ: Ronda Rousey to become UFC’s first woman fighter


Ronda Rousey reportedly will become UFC’s first woman fighter. (Kevin Winters/Getty Images)

TMZ reports Ronda Rousey will become the first female fighter to join UFC and Strikeforce will fold after its Jan. 12 card in Oklahoma City.

UFC is expected to schedule Rousey’s debut in the near future. The bantamweight champion is 6-0 with Strikeforce. Strikeforce’s remaining roster of women fighters could soon follow.

UFC president Dana White has flat out said the UFC would never include a women’s division in the past.

White recently changed his tune, committing to creating a women’s division with Rousey as its star.

Strikeforce has long struggled to exist under UFC’s immense shadow, despite television agreements with Showtime and CBS.

Wisconsin Death Trip
Wisconsin Death Trip

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