Posted October 29, 2012

Celtics coach Doc Rivers on Heat: “They don’t own the trophy”


The Celtics and the Heat continue their rivalry tomorrow night in the season opener for both teams. (Steve Babineau/Getty Images)

The rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the NBA champion Miami Heat is already tense and Celtics coach Doc Rivers added fuel to the fire by saying the Heat aren’t defending anything because it’s a new season. The Celtics open the 2012 season against the Heat in Miami on Tuesday night.

“I never believed that anybody is ever defending a title, because that was last year,” Rivers said to “They don’t own the trophy this year. That’s what I tell our guys: Miami isn’t considered anything. They won the title last year. You don’t give your trophy back — that’s in boxing, where you get the belt back, that’s defending the title. In the NBA, you win a new title.”

Some Celtics also were in no mood to talk about former Celtic guard Ray Allen. Allen signed a free agent deal with the Heat after last season.  Allen was offered twice as much money as the Heat did to stay in Boston, according to Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge. The Celtics also included a no-trade clause to the contract.

“I’m here to play the game and get the hell up out of here,” forward Kevin Garnett said when asked about Allen. “Period, point blank.”

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Technically they won the title this year because they are the 2011-2012 Season NBA Champion.  Doc must have forgotten what year is today.  It's a new season for 2012-2013, so being the NBA Champion last season, the HEAT must prove that they are still the champion this coming season by winning it all.  Doc Rivers just wanted a motivational factor to kick to his players in doing whatever it takes to dethrone the Heat this year.  As we say, the Basketball is round, anything can happen.

Wisconsin Death Trip
Wisconsin Death Trip

Last time I checked they do (NBA Title)....the "River" must have dried up....