Posted October 25, 2012

Dwight Howard wanted Nets trade, but says Lakers are ‘blessing in disguise’

Dwight Howard

New Lakers center Dwight Howard admitted he wanted a trade to the Nets in the offseason. (Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

Dwight Howard said Thursday that he did indeed prefer a trade to the Brooklyn Nets this offseason, but added that where he ended up — with the Los Angeles Lakers — is a “blessing in disguise.”

“I did want to go to Brooklyn. That’s a place where I told the Magic that I really wanted to go,” Howard told Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco on ESPN NewYork 98.7 FM. “[But] I was traded to the Lakers, and I think it was a blessing in disguise.

” … I think there’s a reason why everything happened the way it happened. So far it’s been an unbelievable experience for me. … It’s like a dream come true.”

After an offseason filled with trade rumor after trade rumor, Howard was finally dealt to the Lakers from the Orlando Magic in a four-team trade. Howard had pressed for a trade to Brooklyn and numerous reported deals were close to being finalized, but all of them fell through. The Magic also had serious discussions involving the Houston Rockets.

But Howard said Thursday he was pleased with how everything shook out.

“I thought I was going to get traded at the beginning of the year, actually, that’s when I asked for it,” he said. “But everything happened for a reason. I had to go through last year to get to where I’m at today. It’s made me a stronger and better person for it. I had to go through the hell and the stormy forecast to come out to a place like this … and I’m thankful for it.”

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You needn't spill every thought in your head ("go to Brooklyn"), Dwight.  Some things you keep to yourself. Good heavens, of all the little nuggets of information to throw out in public.  It'd be like telling your new girlfriend: 'I really wanted to date Suzy, but I'm glad I'm with you now, Rebecca.'  Second-best Becky's gonna' love that.  

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 @midniteran Hahahahah your 2nd best girlfriend comment cracked me up.

TomPowers 1 Like

keep's pre-season, the ring is coming and he's a Laker for life.......get over it



What if Dwight signs with the Nets at the end of this season.....His love for Brooklyn is deep.


Its time to watch the Lakers play against the Brooklyn Brawler. When Mr. Cry Baby Howard plays in Brooklyn he will play horribly. Why? Because he'll be day dreaming the whole time he's on the court wondering what the hood life would have been like playing for Brooklyn. He'll even put the ball in the wrong basket thinking he's playing for the


 @kathydavis01 do you know dwights thought process then? are you 'mystic meg' or somethin? nah u just a hater! get over it he's a Laker n LA will be back on form



He's such a wuss!  If he's so big and fast then he's playing in the wrong sport. For someone like that he needs to be on the football field and not the basketball court.  Naturally, I see why because every time he's fouled he cries like a big baby. He's not Superman as he's super baby!  The reason why he wants to play in Brooklyn is because its the closest thing to the hood life.


While i hope its not 0-82 i do hope he goes on the IR for a while.  he got a good coach fired because he was a baby.   i know plenty of others have gotten coaches fired, such as earvin but he now comes out and says he asked for the trade and when confronted about it then he denied it all.   you want to be THE man but you cant even man up with your demands.