Posted October 24, 2012

NFLPA to file Paul Tagliabue recusal motion


The NFLPA will file paperwork to try to get former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue off the bounty case. (Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The NFL Players Association on Wednesday will ask a federal judge to remove former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue from his position as arbitrator in the bounty appeal process and will file the paperwork to do so, the NFLPA announced.

The NFLPA hasn’t asked Tagliabue directly to recuse himself from the case. The bounty hearing is scheduled for Oct. 30.

“To comply with the Court-ordered schedule, we will be making a motion under the CBA to recuse Paul Tagliabue today, and will be subsequently filing those papers with the Court. We will have no further comment related to these filings,” a NFLPA statement read.

The NFL has until 5pm Friday to answer the NFLPA motion. If the league does answer, the NFLPA has until noon on Monday to respond.

The NFLPA is concerned because Tagliabue works for a law firm that represents the league in the bounty case and says he should be not allowed to preside over the bounty case.


Should be an independent arbiter - after spygate, the NFL has shown it is willing to be inconsistent and here, it appears they manufactured evidence, as per Jimmy Kennedy, so if the evidence is now, almost non-existent, and the coaches confessed under duress - then the league doesn't have a leg to stand on. They are already as Fujita pointed out, so inconsistent and hollow on safety.


They are simply trying to save face now and from all I read, they should suspend the punishment of the players, particularly Fujita.


Seems like a pretty direct conflict of interest, but that's kind of the league's modus operandi.